To have your users check a box and accept the general terms of use of your app, you need to add a property in the Advanced Settings of your app.

To define the terms of service:
1. Go to the menu Settings > Registration settings > Registration process :: Connection / Subscription tab
2. Click "Define the terms of service"
3. Save your modifications.


Add a checkbox to accept the terms of the app before signing up

1. Go to the menu Extensions Store > All Extensions > Advanced Edition   
2. Click Install
3. Go to the menu My App > Structure > Login box section  and click the "Edition" button


4. Open the drop-down menu under the Login object
5. Add the property: shouldAcceptTerms


6. Add the value = 1 on the line of the property shouldAcceptTerms
7. Click Save at the bottom of the page.


8. Click the "Update" button in the menu Publish > Update  to update your app settings and apply your modification.

Final result in your app:


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