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Change the Login Placeholder Color (PWA only)

The default color for the placeholder in the login and sign up fields is black. So if you have a dark background color applied on the page, the text will be difficult to see in the PWA. In this case, you should change the placeholder color to a lighter color.


Activate the API access

  1. From the left swipe menu, click "Add-on"
  2. Click on "Catalog
  3. Go to the "API access" under the advanced option
  4. Click on "More Info"
  5. Click on "+ Add" to activate the add-on



Set the color from the JSON

  1. From the left swipe menu, click "Settings"
  2. Click API settings under developers
  3. Expand "login" tree
  4. Add the property: "placeholderColor"
  5. Set the value as a hex color code of your choosing.
  6. Click on Save
  7. Update the setting of the your app to apply the changes.