The default color for the placeholder in the login and sign up fields is black. So if you have a dark background color applied on the page, the text will be difficult to see in the PWA. In this case, you should change the placeholder color to a lighter color.


Activate the JSON Edition

  1. From the left swipe menu, click "Extensions Store"
  2. Click on "A ll Extensions
  3. Click the "JSON Edition" extension or search for it in the search bar
  4. Click the green "Install" button



Set the color from the JSON

  1. Go to the menu Settings > Other settings > JSON Edition
  2. Expand "login" tree
  3. Add the property: "placeholderColor"
  4. Set the value as a hex color code of your choosing.
  5. Click on Save
  6. Update the setting of the your app to apply the changes. 


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