Create a new user

If you have the authentication activated in your application, a Test User Account will be necessary for granting Apple's review team full access to it. If Apple cannot access all the content of your app, your app will immediately be rejected.

To create a Test Account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your GoodBarber back office menu Community > User List > Add User
  2. Fill the mandatory fields like in the example below. The login information must be an email address.
Do not name your account "test" or "trial".

It must look like a real user account to the review team, or your app risks a rejection based on the guideline 2.1 - App Completeness .
You can name the test account Review Team, for example.



Place the user in every group

If you have several User Groups, please make sure that the Test Account provided is part of all the groups.
To learn more, please read point 2. Assign the user to a group with this online help: ​User Groups extension .

The test user account must have access to the all the content of your app.



Fill in the iOS Review brief / Android GoodBarber Takes Care form

-Fill in the login and password in the appropriate field of your brief for iOS: Menu Publish > iOS App > Publish
-Fill in the login and password in the appropriate field of the form for Android in the menu Publish > Android App > Publish  (Goodbarber takes care service only)



Good practice regarding content restriction

- Apple will reject apps that oblige their users to give personal data in order to access the whole app, unless the access is related to a membership or external subscription. 

- A test user is mandatory for Google to be able to fully test your app during their app review.

- If you close the app entirely and its access is not related to a membership, you must allow the users to skip the authentication. Otherwise you risk an iOS rejection.

- You are allowed to restrict some sections of the app without allowing the user to skip the authentication.
However, you must always be ready to justify the reason for the content restriction to Apple in case they ask you.

- If your app includes sections such as Chat, Community or any Local Business features, you don't need to force your users to sign up when entering the section. Users will have to register anyway in order to use these features. 


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