Connect to your Reseller dashboard and manage your invoices

Once you are registered as a reseller , you can access your reseller dashboard from this URL:

Email/password are the ones you used to connect to your app's backend. It's called your Account ID.

Watch this video tutorial for an introduction to the dashboard and information on billing procedures. 


Display your brand

Everyone's favorite part of the reseller program—the white label aspect! Remove the GoodBarber branding from the back office and replace it with your own.

You can also give collaborators  access to your reseller dashboard. Be careful, e advise you to not give access to your clients to the reseller dashboard or they will access other apps you created!

The video below explains how to proceed:


Add and manage your apps

Add all of your existing and future apps to your new dashboard for an organized, consolidated view. 

The video below shows how to proceed:


Give access to your clients to their back office

If you wish your clients to access their back office, you can add them to their back office team.
It's done from the clients' own back office and not from the reseller dashboard.

You can of course select with section they will have access to. They will never have access to the billing and won't be able to buy add-ons or paid options.

The video below shows how to proceed:


Administrative email notifications from Shopping apps

By default all administrative notifications emails from shopping apps are switched off for the reseller admin.
To receive all notification emails sent to the administrators of your reseller shopping apps:
1. Login to your reseller dashboard
2. Go to the menu Settings > Your agency > Your Agency
3. Turn on the administrative notifications from shopping apps

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