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Genius Palette

Trust AI to create your color palette
Built by GoodBarber
This feature is developed and maintained by the GoodBarber team
|For Content and eCommerce apps|Free|Installed by default

Let AI unlock your app's creative potential

Don't let the choice of colors hold back your creativity and simplify your design process.

You know how essential it is to have harmonious, attractive colors to attract your users and offer them an exceptional experience.

The AI used by Genius Palette is specially trained to generate unique and striking color palettes. Everything is done for you, behind the scenes, to deliver harmonious color combinations, complementary shades and striking contrasts.

With Genius Palette, you'll save precious time: no need to spend hours experimenting and trying out different combinations. A single button is all it takes to generate unique combinations until you find the one that best suits your project. Once you're satisfied, all you have to do is save your new palette, again with a single click.