This online help explains how to retrieve the stripe.certSigningRequest file from your Stripe account, as part of activating Apple Pay in your app.

1. Go to and connect to your Stripe account
2. Access the settings from the page
3. From "Product Settings" section, under “Payments”, click “Payment Methods


4. Click the block Apple Pay > Configure
5. Click the button + Add a new application
As soon as you click on this button, the download of the stripe.certSiginingRequest file starts automatically*.
Locate where the file was saved on your computer's hard drive because you will need it in the next step.

*If the download does not start automatically, follow the instructions on the screen. A link is provided to force the file to be downloaded


6. Once the stripe.certSiginingRequest file is downloaded to your computer, you can exit Stripe. That's all there is to do at Stripe right now.
7. Send GoodBarber the file stripe.certSiginingRequest from your backoffice, where it is requested.

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