With an online shop, managing and charging shipping fees to your clients is very important. It is therefore essential to have a good shipping fee calculation system to optimise your shop profitability.

Clients pay close attention to shipping fees. Fees too high can slow down sales while free delivery can boost sales. 

It is necessary to find the right balance between the merchant's point of view and the client's. GoodBarber offers numerous solutions to help you put in place the best fee calculation system for your business.


Delivery fee based on weight or order total price

You must first choose which will be the unit to base the calculations on. 
You have two options available :

- Based on the total weight of the order
- Based on the total amount of the order.

Be careful not to mix both options together. Only one can be used within a delivery zone, not both.

- Based on the weight
If you choose this option, you must enter the weight of each of your products in their product file for the fee calculation to be correct.

Based on the total price
If you choose to calculate the shipping fees on the total amount of the order, you don't need to set a weight for each item. 


Shipping zones and delivery fees

With GoodBarber, you can ship your products anywhere in the world. Shipping fees will vary a lot depending on where the clients are located.

For this reason, you have the possibility to define the  geographical areas where you will be able to deliver. You can set the shipping fees for each of these zones.  

To find out more about how to define your shipping zones, refer to this online help.

To find out more about how to define your shipping fees in a shipping zone, refer to this online help.


In store pick up

You can allow your clients to pick up their order in your shop after purchasing their products online from your app. 

To learn how to activate this option, refer to this online help 

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