App creation advice from Agency owners - the best of 2016


With our app builder, anyone can build apps, one project at a time, but one can also use our Unlimited apps offer and start selling apps to clients. A business opportunity which attracts developers, looking to give clients back office access easily, designers, with the skills to customize the look and feel of an app through our API settings Add-On, and also, agencies. Some clients have even started their agency with GoodBarber only. So, to finish the year with a bang, today, we give you top quotes from our Resellers, to inspire you for the year to come.
To create our infographic we’ve put together some of the most inspiring quotes from our Agency Spotlight Series, blog posts which share the insight, knowledge and tips from successful resellers using our platform to develop apps for their clients: 

The people behind the quotes:

Eric Pastorek, from Reformed Media, has always had an eye for design, after working in advertising and for two newspapers, he started developing apps for churches and ministries, to help them "represent themselves better online", "engage with church life more effectively" and "reach out further in their community".

Maciej Bakalarz, is the founder and CEO of Proexe, an award winning mobile agency. After creating their first app, for Samsung if you please, they seem to have found the recipe for success, with a steady delivery of apps that make it past the million downloads bar in the stores.

Hago ADV is a division of the communication agency, Extreme Srl. Their team started selling apps in 2015, when they discovered GoodBarber. After a few years in business, they shared with us how they optimized processes to build a more efficient working chain, "trying to work more on goals rather than on working hours (...) to focus on results because a satisfied customer will be a lifetime customer".

Fire Breathing Penguin was co-founded by Matt Egelhoff and Adam Wood. With a "strong brand and logo" they immediately saw the advantage of using our white label option, all the while being very honest about "the use of a proprietary platform to build on, to keep prices reasonable, and turnaround time quick". 

If you want to learn more about our Reseller offer: our FAQ is available here.