Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 13 November 2019

Apple Pay or In-app purchases?

GoodBarber Shopping App has finally arrived! With our new product, Shopping Apps, the integration of digital wallets allows you to give your clients the opportunity to complete their purchase with Apple Pay.  From the numerous feedbacks received (thank you, it’s always appreciated :) ),we’ve noticed a recurring question concerning the two common ways to implement purchases in an iOS app: Apple Pay or Apple’s in-app purchases (IAP): what is the difference? It is important to understand the difference between Apple Pay and In-App Purchase and the specific conditions to use them. In this article we will explain both concepts.
Jerome Granados, Wednesday 3 April 2019

Firebase Cloud Messaging : Stay up-to-date for sending push notifications on Android

In April 10, 2018 Google warned developers of a technical change in sending and receiving push notifications. GoodBarber took this change into account by updating the Android engine of your apps.   Firebase Cloud Messaging, the system used to send and receive push notifications will therefore be the only system in effect from April 11, 2019.   This article shows you whether or not you need to rebuild and submit an update of your app in the Play Store to keep push notifications working in your Android app .
Jerome Granados, Thursday 3 May 2018

The rise of the app builders

Yesterday, we were happy to see GoodBarber featured in Mashable among the "10 Excellent Platforms for Building Mobile Apps ". After reading it, I remind an article we wrote 2 years ago untitled "Long Live The App Maker Profession".    At that time, we wrote this article because apps were becoming clearly mainstream, but the power of creating an app was still in the hands of developers. People, and also app store owners, found it hard to grasp the value of an app creator. As far us, we strongly believed that offering software for non developers would bring to the app ecosystem a big opportunity to become even bigger.   Today, when someone decides to create an app, he knows he has many options to get his project done. Among those options, apps builders are a real and reliable solution. This is due to the hard work performed by the teams behing the app makers.   Everyday, more and more customers come to GoodBarber to create beautiful apps. It pushes  us to improve our app builder and make it even more pleasant and powerful.   
Written on Monday 12 February 2018

PWA Myth-Busting

The concept of the PWA is very new to many, which means that reliable information is hard to come by. When information is lacking, rumors start to spread, and we’ve been exposed to many of these misconceptions floating around! This article is meant to set the record straight on some of the most common wrong ideas surrounding Progressive Web Apps, and with this information hopefully you’ll be able to make an educated decision on whether or not a PWA is the right choice for your project. 
Arianna Testi, Friday 3 April 2015

Enable the In-App login with the new GoodBarber User Authentication feature

Our new User Authentication feature is the first step to make your app more social. From now on your app will represent not only your voice and ideas, but those of your users as well. In the new Add-Ons store you can see it alongside two other new social features, Community and User Groups. But today we'll focus on Authentication, with the Login and Profile page. 
GoodBarber Team, Monday 9 February 2015

How to set up a form in your app

The Form section is a great interaction tool to add to your app. As its name indicates, this section enables you to add one or more forms into your app. The form section was designed to allow you to create all types of forms that could be needed in an app, for example: registrations, questionnaires, reservations, etc.  In this article, I will explain how to set up a form in your app. 
Arianna Testi, Wednesday 23 April 2014

Which iOS certificates do I need to build and publish my app?

Before getting started with the generation of your iOS certificates you need to be a registered Apple developer. The Apple Developer Program is a $99 yearly membership. Joining the Apple Developer Program is mandatory to publish your iOS app to the App Store. As a member, you can register devices (for Ad Hoc testing), submit several apps and their updates to the App Store.   To enroll as an Apple Developer, go to this link:     Follow the subscription process and complete your purchase. After the payment it can take up to 24 hours to confirm the activation of your account. When you receive the email entitled “Welcome to iTunes Connect!”, you're good to go ;) Now that you have your developer account set up, you can start generating your iOS certificates, by going to this link
Dumè Siacci, Wednesday 22 January 2014

How to enable the Google Analytics tracking in my app?

A few weeks ago, we talked about how to understand your app analytics. It's a gold mine to figure out the behavior of your users, and to evaluate your app's performance, whatever is your goal.   The GoodBarber internal statistics are a very good starting point, but in some cases, it can be interesting to plug external analytics tools, like Flurry Analytics or Google Analytics. There are great chances that you already use Google Analytics if you have a website, so, if you use it also for your app, you will be very familiar with it too.   Let's see together how to make your app send data to Google Analytics.