Which plan should you choose for your app?


Maybe you've just started creating your Beautiful App and you find yourself in that moment when you have to decide which plan to choose? Especially when creating an app for the first time, you might be at a loss when it comes to defining your needs. This is where our 30 days trial period comes in handy, to test our features and Add-Ons, giving you a better idea of the requirements to wrap up your project.

We also know that flexibility is key when launching a business. So, with GoodBarber, you can choose a plan at first and then switch to another one. For example, if you don't have a very big budget to start with, our STANDARD plan can allow you to publish the web version of your app (PWA) to test the market you want to tap into. A PWA is a revolutionary website that works with all the advantages of an app without having to publish it on a Store. 
In time, you might want to add more features or reach a new audience and switch to the FULL or PREMIUM plans and release a groundbreaking update.

The Full plan includes a PWA, an Android native app, and access to advanced add-ons. The Premium plan includes the iOS version of your app as well as a PWA, an Android native app, and access to advanced add-ons. With more than 2.47 million apps on Google Play and 1.8 million on the App Store ,  iOS and Android are by far the two largest platforms to distribute and promote apps, allowing you to reach a whole new range of users.

This can actually be part of a strategy to surprise your users, which plays a big part to make your app a success. Finally, you can decide whether to monthly or yearly, with the yearly subscription being, of course, more cost-efficient in the long term. 

Now that we've covered the basics, given that each project is different, to make your choice you should focus on your expectations, they will help outline your needs. To give you a head start, we have identified 5 different needs and the plan best suited to meet each of them. 

You want to make a content app

If you already have an online presence, with our Articles section you can easily "plug" a blog. This is what our connectors are for: to pull content from an external source, such as Wordpress, Blogger, Squarespace... You can also create an app for any website with our Custom Connector. Connectors are also an option available with our Photos, Videos, Sound, Map or Calendar sections.

You can find the list of our connectors here . Obviously, you can connect several sources in different sections. For instance: a Wordpress blog inside an Articles section.

If you are looking to extend your presence to mobile this is a convenient way to make the switch from a desktop product. With push notifications you will be able to engage your audience in a brand new way and assess their appetite for mobile.

This sounds like your project? Choose our FULL OR PREMIUM plan. 

With content apps, exclusivity is a great added value. That is where a CMS (Content Management System) solution is critical. It can also be a powerful alternative if you are creating a content app from scratch, with no external source to pull from in the first place. The GoodBarber CMS encompasses all sorts of content: articles, pictures, videos, maps or even events. Just remember that building the architecture of your app is very important when it comes to user experience. Clutter is one of the reasons why apps get deleted within the first minutes of usage. To make the best use of our platform: organize your CMS content and select the most user friendly navigation modes according to your number of sections (such as Grid or Swipe).

This sounds like your project? Choose our STANDARD plan. 

You want to make a social app

Another way to provide exclusive content would be to activate our Authentication Add-On and enable in-app login. With it, you can grant / restrict access to either your entire app or designated parts of the app, making some sections available to registered users only. But the scope of our Authentication Add-On goes well beyond making your content more exclusive. It "unlocks" a large range of User features to make your app more community-oriented.

If you want to build a community inside your app, the first step is activating our Authentication Add-On. It will pave the way for all our over social features such as our Community, User Groups, or Chat Add-On. With this power trio, you can create a tailored environment within which a community dimension can emerge. Push notifications can help increase engagement when need be and, to save time you can rely on our Scheduled Push Add-On to do the job for you. Last but not least, make use of our Submission section to encourage users to share content through the app and enhance the social aspect of your app.

This sounds like your project? Choose our FULL or PREMIUM plan. 

You want to make a business app

If you are creating an app to promote your business and to interact with your customers in a new fashion, you need to consider what's the exact purpose of your app. Is it to gain new customers? Is it to advertise sales / coupons? Is it to introduce a loyalty feature? Is it for booking? Everything at once?

It might also be that you are creating an app before starting a business in the physical world. In addition to gaining information on what your consumers want, statistics regarding number of downloads and amount of engagement can serve as a helpful component in the process of estimating amount of demand. You can think of a business oriented app as the ultimate pre-launch strategy!

In any case, whether you are a local business (a coffee shop for example) or a yet to be physical business, an app can be great backing when it comes to channeling potential clients and retaining loyal customers. Just like a social media strategy is a given nowadays, a mobile app should be the norm. Especially with powerful tools such as Beacons and Geofencing to target notifications according to location and reach out to customers when most relevant.

This sounds like your project? Choose our FULL or PREMIUM plan.

You want to monetize your project

If your main goal is to make money with your app, or at least a return on investment, obviously, making a paid app is a sensible approach, regardless of the plan you choose. But maybe you'd rather make your app available for free while enabling advertising? In that case, delivering ads implies that you have either the possibility to manage your own campaigns (with our Internal ad server Add-On) or connect external ad networks and distribute advertisements through third party services (with our External advertising networks Add-On).

But advertising isn't going to work its magic without a little bit of effort on your part. To make your app profitable you need to know your users. Statistics are an essential tool to better understand your audience. For instance, social stats will not only help improve your app but also better target your campaigns with effectively-crafted messages for optimal results. Is your audience mostly male or women? Where are they? How old are they? How do they use your app? How often do they open it? How much time do they spend on it? 

This sounds like your project? Choose our FULL or PREMIUM plan.

You want to sell your products

If you already have an online store or want to have an online presence, then a Shopping App is your next step. According to Criteo , 70% of clients prefer the shopping apps experience and mobile has become the number one channel for online transactions. 

If you are starting out, then our SHOPPING STANDARD plan is for you. You benefit from all the necessary tools to run a successful shop (order management, easy checkout, payment gateways, statistics. 

 If your boutique is already established then you want to move on to the next level with a native app and our FULL and PREMIUM SHOPPING plans. Your brand will benefit from the notoriety of the Stores as well as advanced add-ons for sales optimization such as local delivery and the Buy again button 


Advanced options

If no specific technical skills are required to build an app with our platform, there is still room for customization if you're a designer or developer using GoodBarber. To learn more about our API access and Plugin section you can have a look at our Developer Guide, directly in the back office of your project.
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Article written on 04/02/14
Article updated on 06/10/20