This online help follows the online help "Download the file.certSigningRequest (.csr) from Stripe "
It explains how to finalize the declaration of the Apple Pay certificate at Stripe.

1. Go to  and login your Stripe account

2. Go to the settings page

3. In the "Business Settings", go to the menu Apple Pay , available from this address


4. In the block "iOS certificates", click on the button + add a new application
As soon as you click on this button, the download of a stripe.certSiginingRequest file automatically starts. You can ignore the download of this file, as you have already used it previously. 


5. In the window "Add new certificate", at the stage "start by downloading this CSR file", click on Continue


6. Click one more time on Continue. You can ignore the instructions given, because the actions described in the pop-up have already been deleted.

7. Upload the apple_pay.cer file from your hard drive to Stripe and click on Continue.
If you do not find this file on your hard disk, you can retrieve it from this page . 


8. Quit your Stripe dashboard, it's all done. Apple Pay is now enabled in your app.

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