Become a reseller!

Written by on Friday, April 4th 2014

Become a reseller!
Thinking about starting a new career in selling apps? You're in the right place—if you haven't heard about our reseller program, it's the scalable and cost efficient tool agencies and entrepreneurs are using to create beautiful mobile applications for their clients

The idea is not to resell the actual DIY Platform itself, but to resell apps that you make. The process usually goes something like this : clients will communicate their mobile needs to the reseller, the reseller works their magic in the backend, invites the client to review their work, and the deal is sealed. 

When the client logs into the backend, the GoodBarber logos and references are eliminated and replaced by those of the agency, so coherence in branding can be maintained. 

The video below gives an idea of what a backend might look like when a client logs in. 

They know better than us...

Don't take our word for it, check out what some of the top agencies using GoodBarber  have to say about using our app builder for their business:
"The builder allows us to make modifications on the go, cutting down time and costs, even for our client. By the way, GoodBarber was chosen after a careful selection and analysis of over 5 different app-builders, lasting more than 1 year." 
Martin de Bonis, DraculApp
"We are very honest about the fact that we use a "proprietary platform" to build on, which is how we can keep our prices reasonable, and turnaround time quick."
Matt Egelhoff and Adam Wood, Fire Breathing Penguin
"We started selling apps in August, 2015 when we discovered GoodBarber. We first invested time and resources in order to study and understand how to get the best out of this wonderful CMS, we then worked with our clients to provide them the right app tailored to their needs." 
"Offering a real mobile solution, has opened the door to speak with ministries that I wouldn’t have been able to if I merely offered websites."
Eric Pastorek, Reformed Media

What does the reseller program include?

If this interests you, get in touch with us right away for a demo and a free trial!


The goal of GB3 is to allow us, after the release, add this kind of features. Stay tuned
Oh brilliant! Thank you for such a great news!!! That really makes my day. While on the topic, here are some of my wishes for future features of GoodBarber: GPS directions, Event registration (including some sort of payment gateway, like PayPal, etc.), and image slider. I have a few more wishes, but these are my top ones right now. I'm super excited.
The tweet I pointed to gave the answer :) GB3 is for July.
Thank you Jerome. It's great to know about the upcoming GoodBarber 3, which probably means there will be a whole bunch of new features/upgrades. My question is still the same though. When can we expect the release of both GoodBarber 3 and the reseller dashboard? I'm not asking for an exact date, but is it 6 months from now, 1 year from now, 2 years from now? :)
Hi Andy, there will be the release of GoodBarber 3 first. After, we will launch the reseller dashboard.
[a tweet]url:
Hi, when do you expect to launch the reseller dashboard?
Salve Rosario,

sul nostro portale, a questo link, trova la pagina dedicata con tutte le informazioni sul programma. :)

desidero conoscere i dettagli per diventare vostro rivenditore.


Rosario Rivelli