You have taken the first step towards creating your Shopping App. 

Now it's time to get to know your back office. To guide you in your creation process, we have prepared a guide that includes advice on the essential steps to create your shop. 


Add the first products to your shop

Let's see how to add your products to your GoodBarber shop. There are two solutions depending on your situation: 

I want to create my products directly from my GoodBarber shop.

The GoodBarber back office allows you to create and manage your products. Simply go to the Products menu in your back office and follow the steps.

Create my products from the backoffice

I want to import existing products

You already have a shop on another platform and want to import your products to a GoodBarber shop? It couldn't be easier with the product import/export feature. 

Import products from a .csv file 


Create collections and organize your shop

Once you have entered your products in your shop, it's time to organize them! 

For this you have to use Collections. They are an essential tool to structure your shop and facilitate access to your products. A collection allows you to group together products from the same family in a single list. Collections are in fact the shelves of your shop. 

Do not hesitate to take advantage of the potential offered by Collections by creating permanent collections but also temporary collections, accessible or not via the main menu of your shop. 

Create a collection

We can't wait to see how you'll organize your shop's collections! 


Design your shop with our customizable themes

The design of your shop is crucial. The sooner you find the identity of your shop, the sooner you will start selling your products. 

We offer you 25 fully customizable themes. With GoodBarber, your shop will look like no other. Change fonts, colors, effects, and buttons. Give free rein to your imagination to create a shop that looks like you. 

Customize the design of your shop

To your pencils, it's time to create the most beautiful Shopping Apps!


Activate your payments and make your first sales!

With GoodBarber, you can simply and quickly activate three payment gateways to allow your clients to shop in your boutique with complete security. 

The three available payment gateways are: 

This gateway will allow you to manage credit card and Apple Pay payments. 
Activate Stripe in my shop

PayPal is a worldwide getaway that will allow you to receive your payments faster.
Activate PayPal in my shop

Mercado Pago
Mercado Pago is one of the most important payment gateways in Latin America.
Set up your payment gateways today and make your first sales! 


What are your delivery zones ?

Did you know that clients pay special attention to shipping costs? Excessively high shipping costs can slow sales, whereas free shipping is a great booster. As an e-commerce merchant, you need to establish a real shipping strategy. 

You have to find the right formula, both from the merchant's point of view and from the client's point of view. GoodBarber offers a number of options to help you set up a delivery fee calculation that is adapted to your business. 

Set the amount of shipping fees

It's up to you to find the best formula!


Activate your PWA and attract new clients

It's time for you to take a step forward: publish your shop on the web. 

The PWA is simply the web version of your shop. You can make it accessible to your clients with a simple click. Progressive Web Apps work on any device and have the ability to fully adapt to the screen on which they are displayed. 

They can be accessed from a web browser. They are compatible with all mobile devices and can be indexed on search engines. With their almost-instant publication, they are the best way to promote your shop and attract new clients! 

Publish my shop
Don't wait to publish your PWA and think about customizing your domain name!


It's time to publish your Shopping app on the Apple and Google Stores !

Here comes the big moment. You are ready to publish your shop on the App Store and/or Google Play!

Native versions of your shop are a real competitive advantage. They offer an incomparable user experience to your clients and thus contribute to increase your conversion rate. Depending on whether you publish to the App Store or Google Play, the process is not quite the same. 

Publish on the App Store

Publishing an iOS app on the App Store takes time and, above all, preparation. Since its creation, the App Store has revolutionized the use of smartphones and apps are now part of our daily lives. Apple has implemented very strict guidelines to guarantee its users the quality and security of this ecosystem of more than 2 million apps. We have a team of experts ready to assist you in the process of submitting your app to Apple. 

Publish my app on the App Store

Publishing on Google Play

Google Play is a huge library where users can search for apps based on their interests. When a user opens your app's info page, it takes just seconds for them to decide if it's right for them. 

Publish my app on Google Play
GoodBarber Takes Care 

The "GoodBarber takes care" service is a Premium service related to the publishing process of your native app. With "GoodBarber takes care," the GoodBarber submission team takes care of: - The compilation of your native app to test the ad hoc version - The submission and updates of your app on the app stores - For iOS, the annual update of certificates (upon request) 

Get support to publish your app
See you on the Stores! 


Manage your orders !

Once your shop is published, your back office becomes your preferred management tool. 

Order management is a central point of your shop. All of your clients' orders, regardless of the sales channel used, are centralized in the Orders menu of your back office. 

From your back office, you can modify the status of your orders, find your clients' contact information, insert tracking URLs, cancel or refund an order, etc. 

Read the online help

Learn now how to manage your orders like a chef! 


What are the different types of notifications ?

Launching a shop is one thing, communicating with clients is another. GoodBarber offers several ways to communicate with your clients manually or automatically. 

Transactional push notifications

These are push notifications related to the ordering process. They are automatically sent to your clients at different stages of the ordering process:

- When the order is confirmed 
- When the order is processed 
- When the order is cancelled 

Customize transactional push notifications

Transactional emails

Transactional emails are emails sent to your clients at different stages of their client journey. The steps are: - Order Confirmation - Order Processed - Order Cancelled - User Account Created - Password Reset. Sending these transactional emails cannot be disabled, but you can change their content. 

Customize transactional emails

Marketing Push notifications

Push notifications are an effective way to reach your clients and bring them back to your app: they have an opening rate 50% higher than emails and a click rate of 40%. With GoodBarber's Push Notifications, you can communicate directly with your clients and offer them exclusive offers. When your clients click on the notification, they land on the right page and can easily resume shopping. 

Send push notifications

We hope that all this will enable you to establish effective communication with your leads and clients! 


Visit our extensions shop

Are you looking for a specific feature to give an extra dimension to your app? Did you know that you can find many additional features in our Extension store? 

Take advantage of all the benefits of GoodBarber by discovering our Extension store: 

Visit the Store

You're bound to find what you're looking for!

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