Happy Global Entrepreneurship Week


The spirit of GoodBarber has been entrepreneurial from day one. After all, not only are our co-founders entrepreneurs themselves, but beyond starting a company, with our app builder we also enable entrepreneurs to start their businesses, or at least accompany them as they evolve their existing activity on mobile. A crucial role to play in a world where smartphone apps now dominate the desktop web!

How can GoodBarber help kickstart your project?

Entrepreneurship really is in our DNA, or appreneurship as we should say! As a result, we are glad to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week (November 14 - 20, 2016) with you GoodBarbers. If you haven’t downloaded the GoodBarber News app, now might be the right time to do it. Something tells me you’re in for a treat when logging into our beautiful app. We have indeed recently enabled a Couponing section to let you in on our special offers before they even make it to your mailbox! Besides, on top of displaying our ongoing discounts, the GoodBarber News app is great for staying on top of everything related to the mobile app market and learning how to make the most of our app builder, with our latest tips and resources to make your app a success.
Incidently, we also just came back from the Web Summit, and after meeting with so many self-starters and innovators, our passion for helping entrepreneurs make it on mobile has only grown stronger. From social media to publishers, influencers and makers, mobile has become what brings us together. “Mobile first” is only getting old because it’s a given. For the entrepreneurs we’ve met in Lisbon, mobile is now a core value, if not a definition of their business. With our app builder, we are lucky enough to witness, from the front row, so many inspiring projects come to life. With small business owners, SMBs or even larger scale enterprises coming to us, it all comes down to the same intent: with an app, anyone “can share globally what happens locally” (in the words of Tiago Rodrigues, Minister of Education, Portugal).

What does GoodBarber offer for entrepreneurs?

A comprehensive solution to create, launch and market your business on mobile. 

Whether your app is your business model by itself or complementary to an existing business, our interface provides engaging features to convert and nurture clients, with detailed statistics and advanced tools to make the most of your data and monetize your app the right way. Among some of our most popular features:
We know very well how entrepreneurship requires adaptability and flexibility, two values our product stands for. We strive for these values through a commitment to maintaining and updating our offerings, through ensuring you’re not locked into anything, through offering the possibility to use our solution white label (should you want to start selling apps one day) and even by making the joining or leaving transition easy, should you need to switch app builders one day. For instance, if you ever choose to leave us and experience coding your app from scratch, you have the complete freedom to do so—although we do support custom code integration so we are pretty confident that you’ll find the space to grow with what the GoodBarber back office already has to offer ;)