Usually, orders received are processed automatically. Nevertheless, an unexpected event can always happen. Here are some examples that may occur:

- One of the products ordered is no longer in stock
- One of the products ordered is delayed in supply
- The customer's address is incomplete or incorrect
- The delivery person announces a delay in delivery or fails to deliver.
In any case, your readiness to inform the customer and the quality of the information provided are paramount: they demonstrate the quality of your customer service.


How to contact a client

You have 2 ways to contact a client:

  •  By email
  •  By phone
You can find the client details:
  •  Go to Orders > Orders list,
1. Click on the order number on the line corresponding to the customer you want to reach .
2. You can find the customer email address directly on the order page. The phone number can be found on the invoice. 


  • Go to Clients 
1.  Click on the ID number
 ​2.  You can access all the informations regarding this client.  



Video tutorial

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