When a customer buys a product on your shopping app, it creates an order in the "Orders " section of your back office.


What happens when an order is placed on your shop?

When one of your customers places an order:

- You automatically receive an email notification
- The order is automatically created in your shop 
- The product stock is decremented from the quantities sold (more info here )
- The customer receives an email confirming their order (more info here )


What are the steps of the order process?

There are four different steps in the order process journey. 

1-  Pending:  The order is validated and paid by the   customer
2- Processed: The order is prepared and given to the carrier
3- Delivered: The order is delivered to the customer
4- Canceled: The customer or the shop canceled the order

The first status "Pending" is automatically assigned when the ordered is paid and valid. 
The other statuses must be updated manually. For more information refer to this online help   



Permanent Cart

One of the benefits of your shopping app is that the shopping cart is persistent. Your clients can add products to their carts, leave the app and come back later. At their next visit, the cart will still contain the products added. Your clients can resume their shopping journey later and finalize their order.

Note: if the product placed in the cart by your client is no longer in stock when they returned, it will always be displayed in the cart, with a quantity at 0 and a message indicating that it is out of stock. For more information, read this online help.


Abandoned Order recovery

Your customers can validate their order, start the checkout process but not finalize it. This is often the case when a customer is interrupted by a more urgent task. 

A recovery order notification can be sent to these clients so they can finalize their orders. 

You can find the Abandoned Order extension in the Extension Store . 

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