Written on Friday 20 September 2013

Friday Talk: GoodBarber and iOS 7

Hello GoodBarbers, for this Friday talk, we're going to talk about the new iOS 7 and GoodBarber. Today our users want to know if their application are compatible with iOS 7.
Written on Monday 16 September 2013

Mrs. Nicole Bricq, french foreign trade minister visiting CampusPlex, home of the GoodBarbers

Hello GoodBarbers, We hope you had a great weekend :) Last Thursday we received Mrs. Nicole Bricq, French foreign trade minister.  She came to Corsica to meet a few companies and we had the honour of receiving her at CampusPlex, the home of GoodBarbers. It was really great to show her our company! She tested some GoodBarber applications, visited the place, learned about us and our projects. We made a video for the event, we hope you'll enjoy it :) Have a good week guys!
Méryl Fiamma, Wednesday 11 September 2013

Apple keynote breakthrough: is your app being used during a bathroom break?

Hi everybody! Yesterday Apple revealed the new iPhone 5S and the new iPhone 5C. Like everyone we were super excited about this announcement. Apple's keynote are each time surprising and interesting. It's like to be at the theater when you're watching it ;) Anyway, we're pretty sure that you already know what are the big things coming out from Apple's keynote. What we like above all, it's the new M7 motion coprocessor. Do you want to know why?  Well, I'm sure everybody is pretty interested about the behavior of its users... But let's first check what is the impact of yesterday's announcement on GoodBarber.
Mathieu Poli, Tuesday 10 September 2013

Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #1304

It's now possible to disable view bounce in Plugin section (Settings API)
It's now possible to disable files cache in Custom section (Settings API)
Dumè Siacci, Thursday 5 September 2013

Showcase: La Lettre Pro de la Radio

Philippe and the Editions HF team have been one of our first customers. La Lettre Pro de la Radio was the second app online just after the release of GoodBarber 2. He is also the host of Le Radio, a great event about the radio world in Paris. Remember, that's where we won the On'R prize :) Look at this showcase and go to download this app!
Arianna Testi, Wednesday 4 September 2013

Forget about advertising, create an app for your brand!

The Murdoch University, Australia, and the University of Indiana, USA, studied how mobile apps can have a positive impact on users. The study consisted in comparing the impact on sales, after the use or not of a branded app. It confirmed that using branded apps has a positive persuasive impact, it can increase the interest in the brand and in the brand’s products, and it can also produce a large and significant positive shift in involvement. Apps also seem to be an ideal medium for educating people about new products, or products they have yet to try. Do not forget the high level of user engagement, based on the enhanced user experience apps can offer.
Sergio Miranda Carvalho, Tuesday 3 September 2013

Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #1289

It's now possible to choose to display the original image size in Photo sections (Settings API)
Bug fixed: App saves the user's favorite font size (Articles)
Dumè Siacci, Thursday 29 August 2013

Showcase: Biblioteca de Mollerussa

Discover this app created by the Mollerussa library, that gives you access to news, events, and more! It's a very good example of use of GoodBarber for public services.   Enjoy this showcase and go to download this app :)
GoodBarber Team, Wednesday 28 August 2013

Why you should use the support?

How are the tickets you open from your back office processed by our Support team? We figured you’d be curious to learn what exactly happens when you send us a question. Plus, in this article, you’ll find some useful tips to navigate our platform as effectively as possible.
Dumè Siacci, Tuesday 27 August 2013

Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #1283

We made the scroll between article (or videos) in detail pages smoother
You can now tap to dismiss the header and description in the detail pages of Photo sections
Dumè Siacci, Monday 26 August 2013

How to promote your app on your website?

Few weeks ago, Jérôme wrote a post giving you some advices to grow your app's user base. Of course, you have to get your app known on social networks and everywhere possible. But often, our customers forget to focus on the best place to promote their app: their own website! Readers coming to your website have to know that your app exists on the stores.
Written on Friday 23 August 2013

Friday Talk: Ad Networks

Hello GoodBarbers, Today Méryl introduces you: Jeff, our web developer.  He's going to give you some information about ad networks.
Méryl Fiamma, Wednesday 21 August 2013

Flat design meets GoodBarber

Flat design is The new way to create in the graphic world ;) In this article we're going to give you some informations about this new trend. You have probably already heard about it... Apple and iOS7, or Microsoft with Windows 8?    Yes?    You got it!
Dominique Siacci, Tuesday 20 August 2013

Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #1268

New: It is now possible to download audio podcasts (Bêta).
Added : New animations for app navigation.
Méryl Fiamma, Monday 19 August 2013

Choose your push notification sounds

Hello GoodBarbers! We already spoke about the push, but did you know that we have more than 10 notification sounds for this option?
Written on Friday 16 August 2013

Friday Talk: Custom Section

Hello GoodBarbers, Today Méryl and Jérôme talk about the custom section. You're using this section when you want to display content that it isn't in the source of GoodBarber.   
Mathieu Poli, Wednesday 14 August 2013

[Tech] Custom log lines (aliasing NSLog) #iOS #Objective-C

Any developer knows the importance of logging while debugging. The more you log, the faster and easier it will be to find anomalies in the source code. It allows for instance to look at the data received from the network, in our case, the responses of the requests sent to our architecture.   Anyway, two problems can appear around this problematic : - These logs, essentials in DEV, slow the app in PROD, and significantly degrade the user experience - The proliferation of logs makes the console unreadable very quickly, which requires rigor in writing their labels   To solve these problems we have chosen to implement a logging system tailored to our needs. The idea is obviously not to reinvent the wheel - the standard system proposed by the iOS SDK is very effective - but to provide a simple to use tool, that ensures readability and performance.
Written on Friday 9 August 2013

Friday Talk: Store identification

Hey guys, Today we're going to talk about the identification of the users in the stores. With GoodBarber the developer is you! Apps are published under your developer account. Jérôme and Méryl explain why it's important and what are the good points. Have a good week-end folks!
Lesia PIETRI, Wednesday 7 August 2013

New Theme : Asian Touch

Asian Touch is one of the 50+ themes available in your GoodBarber backend. Use it as a starting point to create your Beautiful App .