Dumè Siacci, Tuesday 6 August 2013

Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #1249

Redesign of the feature of Audio podcasts download
Bug fix: Back buttons of new navigation modes are now correct
Dumè Siacci, Monday 5 August 2013

How to activate the native YouTube player in your Android app

In last week update, we published a brand new feature allowing your users to watch YouTube videos directly from your Android app (either in articles and video sections). It uses the native YouTube player for a better user experience. If you've already re-built your app since the update #1238, you just need to follow these steps to activate the new player. If not, follow this quick process, re-build your Android app from your GoodBarber backend, and publish an update on the store!
Written on Friday 2 August 2013

Friday Talk: The support

Hello GoodBarbers, Today we're going to talk about who's behind the support? You're going to know better the people who answer to all your questions and discover what is the podium as well! Enjoy this video before the week-end! See ya!
Dumè Siacci, Thursday 1 August 2013

Showcase: Chelsea News

Mourinho's boys won't have any secret for you anymore with this Chelsea soccer app :) Daniel created this perfect Blue (of course) app using GoodBarber.    Have a look to this showcase and go to download this beautiful app!
GoodBarber Team, Wednesday 31 July 2013

GoodBarber is now available in Italian!

Ciao guys! We're happy to tell you that our website is now available in Italian ! Arianna did this big job for us, we've already introduced her here ;) Many thanks to her for this job, we hope our Italian users will enjoy it! Have a good day everyone!  
Dumè Siacci, Tuesday 30 July 2013

Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #1238

Sound in background management in Custom section Improving CSS in detail page of Article section Here is the changelog for this Tuesday update.
Lesia PIETRI, Monday 29 July 2013

New Theme : Space

Space is one of the 50+ themes available in your GoodBarber backend. Use it as a starting point to create your Beautiful App.
Dumè Siacci, Thursday 25 July 2013

Showcase: Farmacie Sant'Anna

Rosario and his team have done a wonderful job creating their app with GoodBarber for their pharmacies. This is a very effective promotional tool for their local businesses. And it's also our first Italian showcase ;)
Written on Wednesday 24 July 2013

10 tips to make your App Icon stand out!

If you don’t want to see your app drown in the mundane, check this out! In a world where app downloads are on the rise, you have to be different from other applications out there...  and it starts with the design of your app icon! Let me give you 10 tips to improve the design of you app icon and make it stand out! We all say that it’s not fair to judge a movie, a book or a packaging by its cover/design. But even if we say that, it's what we do. If we don’t like a cover or if it’s less attractive than another one we can just leave it! There are so many choices that we'll stop at the most interesting. The cover of a movie, for instance, is very important. It’s the first connection with the public and it has to convey the atmosphere of the movie with pictures, illustrations, fonts. Everything needs to be chosen perfectly and correctly. For an application, it’s almost the same. With the app icon, you have to make the users choose yours.
Dumè Siacci, Tuesday 23 July 2013

Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #1208

Facebook section: "Like" button is now translated in different languages
Submission section : When a user takes a photo, it's now saved in camera roll
Written on Friday 19 July 2013

Friday Talk: 5 questions to our CEO D.Siacci

Today it's a special Friday Talk because we interviewed our CEO : Dominique Siacci.  Are you curious to know who is behind GoodBarber? Yes you are! I know it! Discover who created GoodBarber,  what kind of applications he likes (other than GoodBarber News of course ;) ) and more about him! Follow Dumè on Twitter : @dsiacci  and Pinterest  
Dumè Siacci, Friday 19 July 2013

Showcase: L'ActuTechno.com

Grégoire has done a great job customizing our brand new design template One Flat. Look at the app of his website, L'ActuTechno.com :)
Méryl Fiamma, Wednesday 17 July 2013

Find us on YouTube!

GoodBarber's channel is now available on YouTube ;)  You can come and check all the videos here : GoodBarberTv Enjoy!
Lesia PIETRI, Monday 15 July 2013

New Theme : Diamond

Diamond is one of the 50+ themes available in your GoodBarber backend. Use it as a starting point to create your Beautiful App  . 
Written on Friday 12 July 2013

Friday Talk: How to promote your app ?

Hello GoodBarbers!  The subject of this friday talk is: How to promote your app ? Jérôme tells you where you have to start, the steps to follow, and as usual some tips to do that and to understand what it is important!  Let's check it out and enjoy ;) Have a good week-end!
Dumè Siacci, Thursday 11 July 2013

GoodBarber News

Hey beautiful users, look at the beautiful app we crafted for you! This is the brand news GoodBarber News app :) Read our blogs, watch our videos, our photos, and more!
Dumè Siacci, Wednesday 10 July 2013

[Tech] How we do icon coloration at runtime #Objective-C #iOS

GoodBarber allows you to create full customized, beautiful apps, in just a few clicks. Among the hundreds of other features, we implemented an icon coloration process, which you can use to create beautiful design effects.  We chose to let you choose amongst a large icon set — you can even upload your own TabBar icons — and you can imagine that it was completely impossible to anticipate all the customization possibilities. So we started to think about an automated customization process for these icons, and we wanted to keep a standard-based icon set (white PNGs with alpha channel only). So here is what we developed to color the icons directly in the native client applications, with just a white PNG and a hexa color.
Jerome Granados, Tuesday 9 July 2013

Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #1179

In this Tuesday update, we are still setting the stage for the launch of future big new features. I recommend to re-build your app only if you had some bugs. Otherwise, it's not necessary.
Dumè Siacci, Friday 5 July 2013

Friday Talk: All about sections

Hi GoodBarbers !  Today Méryl and Jérôme are talking about sections. You will discover what are the sections you need in your app, which sections you should use and some tips for users who don't have enough content ! Enjoy and have a good week-end ;)
Lesia PIETRI, Wednesday 3 July 2013

New Theme : Coming

Coming is one of the 50+ themes available in your GoodBarber backend. Use it as a starting point to create your Beautiful App .  
Jerome Granados, Tuesday 2 July 2013

Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #1160

In this Tuesday update, bugs killing, flat design sneak peek, preparing Live+ section, ... and more. In fact, a lot of new features already available in the engine but that will be released in a couple of weeks.
Written on Monday 1 July 2013

Le Tour de France in Ajaccio!

Hello GoodBarbers!  As you know, Le Tour de France started his 100th edition from Corsica this year! The departure of the third stage was in Ajaccio today and we are really happy to show you this video, shooted in our beloved city ... and also a little bit of the event :) We created for this event an app with the city of Ajaccio : news, videos, informations about the circulation, ... were available during those 3 days. Enjoy the landscape and Jérôme in the mood for bycicles! See yaaa
Written on Friday 28 June 2013

Friday Talk: Synchronization

Hey GoodBarbers !  Today Jérôme and Méryl are talking about the feature synchonization.  You'll discover what you have to do and what's the difference between the different colors.  Let's check this and have a good week-end :)