Web Summit 2016 key takeaways: What is a maker?

Written by Isabella Leland  on  Friday 18 November 2016

After "Winning in the app economy", today we share with you insights from Web Summit 2016 with the "Building for an era of makers" conference. As a company, we do take pride in being a part of the DIY phenomenon and were curious to hear what Iris Lapinski, Founder and CEO of Apps for Good, had to say on stage as she joined the Minister of Education of Portugal, Tiago Rodrigues in the panel.

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Happy Global Entrepreneurship Week

blog_write_no_author  Tuesday 15 November 2016

The spirit of GoodBarber has been entrepreneurial from day one. After all, not only are our co-founders entrepreneurs themselves, but beyond starting a company, with our app builder we also enable entrepreneurs to start their businesses, or at least accompany them as they evolve their existing activity on mobile. A crucial role to play in a world where smartphone apps now dominate the desktop web!

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Most inspiring quotes from Web Summit 2016

Written by Isabella Leland  on  Friday 11 November 2016

Web Summit 2016, it's a wrap, and we have a lot to share with you this year! With so many different conferences and renowned speakers of different backgrounds confronting their expertise and points of view, Web Summit is really the place to learn from the best. Now, as a little sneak peek, we wanted to share some of our favorite quotes from this year's Web Summit edition, in Lisbon.

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WebSummit 2016 key takeaways : "A lot of times you can find money in your data"

Written by Isabella Leland  on  Thursday 10 November 2016

While attending Web Summit, we've sat through several conferences, with speakers ranging from the likes of Ryan Hoover, founder of Product Hunt, to actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (also director of hitRECord company), or yet again, Till Faida, Founder & CEO of Adblock plus. All this to say that  topics, as you can imagine, address all sorts of problematics. Today, we give you the best of: "Winning in the app economy", with key takeaways from Scott Arpajian, CEO, Softonic, and Charles Manning, CEO, Kochova :

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Web Summit 2016 here we go! The GoodBarber Team is ready

Written by Isabella Leland  on  Monday 7 November 2016

Web Summit is about to start! João and Michele have already made it to Lisbon, Dumè , Hazal and Isabella are making the trip from Ajaccio, as for Jérôme and Sébastien , they'll arrive tomorrow. Give us a shout out on social media if you're attending too, we're looking forward to networking!

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Agency Spotlight: Digital Growth in Italy with Hago ADV

Written by GoodBarber Team  on  Thursday 3 November 2016

The Agency Spotlight series showcases some of our best reseller clients who have learned to use the platform in great ways to add to the success of their agency. The latest featured agency is an Italian leader in graphic design, web, and app development, covering an impressive range of industries from cinema, to fashion, to local businesses. Their beautifully designed website spurred our interest in their work and the story behind the making of Hago ADV.

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Every App Creator’s Worst Nightmares

blog_write_no_author  Monday 31 October 2016

Of course Halloween isn’t the only time of the year your heart rate leaps! Being an App creator is a stressful, scary at times, business anyway. We just thought it’d be fun to tackle 4 App Creator nightmares and see how, with the right attitude and a little help from us, making or running an App can become a dream come true ;)

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Creating apps and getting user feedback: do you know when and how?

blog_write_no_author  Friday 28 October 2016

Inspiring success stories are amazing. However, with social media in particular, the exposure to what other people are doing out there is constant, to a point where it almost hinders the pursuit of our own goals. We tend to value the entrepreneurial figure so much that we forget how there is often a team behind all great personal achievements, whether it be the support of family and friends, or on the other hand, negative vibes and a lack of support that both motivate in completely different ways. All this to say that “no man is an island”, which is why we cannot stress enough the importance of getting feedback early on, even before getting started at all with the creation of your Beautiful App.

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Google Play announcement : now’s the time to check your app rating

Written by GoodBarber Team  on  Wednesday 26 October 2016

If you have a publisher account on Google Play, chances are you’ve recently received an email warning you that, as of November 29, 2016, apps that haven’t been assigned proper content ratings may be blocked in certain territories or for specific users, or even be taken off Google Play altogether.

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Monetize your app the right way

blog_write_no_author  Tuesday 11 October 2016

With new mobile centric customer behaviors, monetizing one's app seems to be an attainable goal, now more than ever before. Yet, questions such as which positioning to adopt or, what are the solutions to consider to make a mobile app profitable, remain to be assessed. Ready for a quick overview?

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Positive app ideas : engage your users, make them smile

blog_write_no_author  Friday 7 October 2016

The engagement of one’s app should be monitored closely and your communication strategy adapted accordingly. Thing is, users can fall in love with an app in a second, but they can also be quick to forget about it, unless they are “mobilized”, namely with push notifications. Now, of course, it doesn’t hurt to have an engaging concept to begin with...

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Agency Spotlight: Winning in the App Market With Proexe

Written by GoodBarber Team  on  Thursday 29 September 2016

For our next featured agency, we are proud to introduce Proexe, a Polish company with some quite impressive accomplishments under their belt. Maciej, the CEO of Proexe, will give us some insight into his success.

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Get your iOS app discovered with Search Ads, on the App Store soon

Written by Isabella Leland  on  Thursday 29 September 2016

We told you we hadn’t seen the last of App Store improvements. So, what’s in store this time around? As of October 5, 2016, iOS publishers will be equipped with a brand new tool to improve the discoverability of their app: Search Ads.

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Download GoodBarber News

Written by GoodBarber Team  on  Thursday 15 September 2016

Did you know you can keep up with our latest news and updates using the GoodBarber News app? Available on iOS and Android, it features lots of free resources, just a tap away, to make the most of our app builder while staying in the know about all things related to the mobile app market.

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Monetize your app with our Back to school season tips

blog_write_no_author  Tuesday 13 September 2016

We know that monetizing apps is a pressing issue. After all, even if using an app builder reduces development costs, the more cost efficient a mobile app the better. Considering that you are already investing a lot of time and effort into engaging your audience, budget shouldn’t be something weighing you down.

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Apps and digital time spent: smartphone apps dominate the desktop web

Written by Isabella Leland  on  Thursday 8 September 2016

The desktop web is losing momentum, it’s a fact. But, do new user behaviors account for more "digital time" spent on mobile apps? With users transitioning from desktop to mobile, does it play in the favor of smartphones or tablets, websites or apps?

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Agency Spotlight: The Success Story of Reformed Media

Written by GoodBarber Team  on  Friday 2 September 2016

Welcome to our newest blog series in which we will be focusing exclusively on agency success stories! Here you will find valuable insight, knowledge, and tips from individuals whom we consider to be experts in the app selling industry, who have been kind enough to give us a glimpse into their world and unique experiences. Kicking off the series with his expertise in one booming industry is Eric Pastorek, from the agency Reformed Media.

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What changes will the latest App Store improvements implement?

Written by Isabella Leland  on  Friday 2 September 2016

Yesterday, the news broke that Apple released a statement about upcoming App Store Improvements. If you are an iOS developer and have already submitted an app to the App Store, chances are you received the information in your inbox. But, in case you haven’t checked it out yet, let’s look at some of the key takeaways from the message published by the Cupertino company on September 1st, 2016.

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Loyalty Card: how to boost customer retention with gifts and rewards

Written by Isabella Leland  on  Friday 19 August 2016

The set of loyalty features we offer is a great toolbox to nurture your clients and monetize your app. With a well tailored loyalty program, you can, not only make customers fall in love with your business, but also keep them coming back, with gifts and rewards.

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Leveraging Mobile Apps in Politics

Written by João Marcelo Martins  on  Wednesday 17 August 2016

The relationship between representatives and citizens is in constant evolution. But today, more than ever, it’s changing fast, with social networks and a global context. On the contrary, there’s also a growing need for transparency and reciprocity, at a local level. So, let’s discuss this topic everyone is interested in - the exercise of citizenship in a digital world.

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How to create an app for museums

Written by GoodBarber Team  on  Friday 12 August 2016

Apps are an extremely useful, but unfortunately underutilized tool for the museum industry. Everything a costly, tree-killing brochure provided by every museum does, an app can do more quickly, cheaply, efficiently, and overall better!

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How to delete #annoying from the advertising strategy of your app?

Written by Isabella Leland  on  Monday 8 August 2016

As an app publisher considering advertising to monetize your app, you’ve landed in the right spot. Indeed, with our app builder you have the possibility to enable flexible advertising solutions, with the opportunity to manage them first hand. Today, we will also give you a few guidelines on how to avoid annoying advertising practices and make your ad placements more interesting and ultimately, more effective.

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Become an appreneur with one brilliant app concept

blog_write_no_author  Wednesday 3 August 2016

Have you ever given thought to taking advantage of trending topics to launch an app for your business or, to advertise your reseller skills to clients while demonstrating your reactivity? Benchmarking trends and other successful applications out there can be a tremendous source of inspiration. In that respect, today we are going to show you how to use our app builder to bring together an already existing community by creating an in-app space tailored to them.

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3 Smart Tips to Organize Your Work During Your Holidays

Written by Dress Izumi  on  Tuesday 2 August 2016

Holidays are a time to relax, disconnect and forget about what is going on at the office. At least, that's what we should be doing in order to recharge our batteries for when we get back, right? But you may have realized that, nowadays, our work often overlaps with our personal life, even during time off. With the internet and the transition to everything mobile, work tends to follow us everywhere. Being aware of it is the first step towards managing this new work / life balance. The second is finding the right organization. 

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