PWAs - Technology Fundamentals and Powerful Use Cases

blog_write_no_author  Wednesday 29 March 2017

In this article we will dive deeper into 10 fundamental user experiences that make a Progressive Web App and take a look at some applications from companies that are already using this innovative way to build a website. These user experiences, promoted by Google, are the key characteristics to get an app-like experience, regardless of device or operational system.  This is the main goal of PWAs.

The web applications of Smashing Magazine, Flipkart, Walmart, The Washington Post and Product Hunt are great case studies to help understand how very specific aspects of this technology work and how it's helping businesses to succeed even more online. Let's dive into it!

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PWAs - Progressive Web Apps explained

Written by Isabella Leland  on  Monday 20 March 2017

In our last article we insisted on the growing influence mobile has on our every behavior, including desktop usage and expectations—an influence which has made room for a new concept, Progressive Web Apps. Today we will dig deeper into what makes up a PWA and how it operates.

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Agency Spotlight : Complete Digital Solutions for Innovative Businesses with BT Design

Written by GoodBarber Team  on  Wednesday 15 March 2017

BT Design is a Brazilian agency whose extensive experience in the web and mobile business has allowed them to successfully navigate through the challenges often faced in the digital industry and come out on top. After seeing their comprehensive range of offerings and impressive list of clients they've managed to acquire, it was obvious that this agency knows what they're doing!

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Up your push notifications game with emojis

Written by Isabella Leland  on  Wednesday 8 March 2017

Now that you’ve built the perfect app for your restaurant, the perfect tourism app, or "insert your area of expertise" app, it’s time to start engaging your audience. One of the most effective ways to make sure your users don’t forget about your app? Push notifications. Now, if you are wondering how to up your notification game, here’s a clue: 🙂

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Mobile World Congress 2017 - A quick recap

blog_write_no_author  Tuesday 7 March 2017

We are back from Barcelona! Last week, for the 5th year, our team participated in the Mobile World Congress. We just got back with a lot of positive remarks and feedback.

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Step by Step to Create Restaurant Apps

Written by Isabella Leland  on  Wednesday 22 February 2017

We have already talked about the general process on how to make an app, pointing specific requirements that ranged from concept to development. Today, we will take a closer look into what it takes to build an app for one specific industry — with restaurant apps on the menu!

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Restaurants : 3 digital ingredients for success

Written by Isabella Leland  on  Friday 17 February 2017

Getting together around food is such an important part of so many cultures that restaurants are probably never going to go out of fashion. That being said, with globalisation, the competition has never been more fierce. Traditional cuisine is challenged by new eating patterns (snacking, food trucks) and new consumption habits (such as fast deliveries at any time of day). Interestingly enough (for us), technology is playing an increasingly important part in the evolution of dining behaviors.

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Agency Spotlight : Putting Design First with Interpaul Digital Agency

Written by GoodBarber Team  on  Monday 13 February 2017

Interpaul Digital Agency is a French agency that we had the pleasure of meeting at App Days in Paris and were quite impressed by—with their strong focus and priority on design, it's easy to see why this agency has become a huge success. Their apps have been the envy of many GoodBarber users, and now they are letting us in on some of their secrets. 

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Revolutionize your restaurant with an app

blog_write_no_author  Wednesday 8 February 2017

If you are looking at creating an app for your restaurant, it's most likely that you’re already convinced a mobile presence will serve your business, through boosting sales, improving brand awareness and building loyalty. But, and we’ve said it here before, no business should create an app just to create an app. Which is why it’s crucial, for restaurants and other business owners alike, to go mobile with user experience in mind, to serve customers first, the one and only way to serve your business in return.

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Emotional marketing: your weapon of choice for 2017

Written by Isabella Leland  on  Monday 6 February 2017

After an unsettling year, let’s hope 2017 will bring some extent of consolation and comfort. Think this context has nothing to do with your business? Think again.

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2017 : The Year Tourism Takes a Turn for Sustainable

blog_write_no_author  Wednesday 1 February 2017

"The potential of tourism for sustainable development is considerable." The words of former United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, delivered during his World Tourism Day address in 2015, have been heard, 2017 has been designated by the UN as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

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Agency Spotlight : DraculApp, a Digital Integration Agency with a Fang for Design

blog_write_no_author  Friday 13 January 2017

Next up is another uniquely named agency concentrating on the Italian and Middle Eastern markets. We were sold on their impressive website and very complete portfolio of offerings—a well rounded agency that knows how to market themselves. 

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2017's Must-Attend Events for Agencies

blog_write_no_author  Wednesday 4 January 2017

2017 is looking pretty promising in terms of what we will see in the world of tech events. We narrowed the hundreds out there down to what we feel would be the most beneficial for agencies to attend, with regards to the attendees, the topics covered, and the activities that will take place. We certainly have our eye on several of them, and hope to see you there. 

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7 clever tips to increase user retention

Written by Camilo Lüttecke González  on  Monday 26 December 2016

A few years ago still, blogging seemed like the ideal medium to make one's voice heard. Very few people were covering the same subjects so it was easy for early adopters to emerge as experts in a specific category. Nowadays, even though monetization has never looked easier, it's also become more difficult to stand out and, most importantly, to keep the attention of ever more disrupted users, attracted by more entertaining formats (such as YouTube), and more instantaneous forms of communication (like Snapchat or Instagram). Bottom line is, it's never been harder to keep a loyal audience. 

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HTTPS requirement for iOS apps, the new 2017 App Store policy explained

Written by Dumè Siacci  on  Thursday 22 December 2016

Edit: Apple decided to give developers additional time to prepare their apps to comply with the requirements of App Transport Security (ATS). Until a new deadline is confirmed, rest assured, you now know that our beautiful team is ready ;)

As of January 1st, 2017, the App Store will introduce a new requirement for all iOS apps. Developers will have to use HTTPS connections rather than HTTP for all app requests. If an app fails to comply with this new security feature, it will be mandatory to provide a justification upon the review of your app by Apple, or else, it will be rejected.

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App creation advice from Agency owners - the best of 2016

Written by Isabella Leland  on  Wednesday 21 December 2016

With our app builder, anyone can build apps, one project at a time, but one can also use our Unlimited apps offer and start selling apps to clients. A business opportunity which attracts developers, looking to give clients back office access easily, designers, with the skills to customize the look and feel of an app through our API settings Add-On, and also, agencies. Some clients have even started their agency with GoodBarber only. So, to finish the year with a bang, today, we give you top quotes from our Resellers, to inspire you for the year to come.

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iTunes Connect is closed for Christmas

Written by GoodBarber Team  on  Tuesday 20 December 2016

Attention GoodBarbers, this year again, Apple made its Winter Holiday Schedule public. In case you didn't get the memo, please find the company's announcement below:

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The story of how we created a DIY Christmas app

blog_write_no_author  Friday 16 December 2016

Last year, we decided to wish our GoodBarbers a Merry Christmas in the best way we could think of, with a beautiful app. One year later, we wanted to tell you the tale of how our Do It Yourself Christmas app came to life one beautiful December morning. 

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Christmas marketing: how to retain your audience?

Written by Isabella Leland  on  Thursday 15 December 2016

Christmas is the perfect time of the year to connect with your audience. Customers are excepting a slight increase in the number of emails they receive and solicitations overall, which makes for perfect timing, as long as you communicate appropriately that is. How? Here are a few tips.

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US mobile internet advertising accelerated up 20 percent in 2016

Written by Isabella Leland  on  Wednesday 14 December 2016

The end of the year is near, which means it’s already time to have a look back at 2016! Figures of a KPCB report on Internet Trends depict what looks like a promising future for app creation in 2017, in developed and affluent countries, where mobile penetration is high, among which Germany, Italy, Korea, Japan, Russia and of course, the USA.

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Agency Spotlight : Outstanding App Experience with Fire Breathing Penguin

Written by GoodBarber Team  on  Thursday 8 December 2016

This week's feature, Fire Breathing Penguin Media, is an American agency offering mobile apps, websites, and video production to give clients from a large variety of industries high quality products while remaining reasonable and approachable. We love their down to earth vibe and creativity that seems to set them apart—the name alone intrigued us and we had to hear more. 

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Introduction to the Reseller Dashboard

blog_write_no_author  Wednesday 30 November 2016

In addition to having access to an unlimited number of app backends, with our reseller program also comes a unique interface, called the Reseller Dashboard, serving as a control panel for managing all things related to your account. This video will give you a brief overview of everything it can do, as well as how to go about getting one of your own. 

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GoodBarber at the AppDays 2016 : Feature Templates, Open Product...

Written by Muriel Santoni  on  Wednesday 30 November 2016

For the second year in a row we decided to attend the AppDays, the leading event related to everything mobile held in France. In 2014, we couldn't make the trip because the dates coincided with the Web Summit event in Dublin. As a result, AppDays 2015 was our first experience, and a positive one which is why we decided to make the trip again in 2016, with the intention to share our expertise in software development and the evolution of GoodBarber. 

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How can Small Businesses Increase Profits during Special Seasons?

blog_write_no_author  Friday 25 November 2016

Special seasons and holidays are great for increasing profits and revenue in almost all business sectors. It’s a fact that shoppers tend to spend more during special seasons and holidays. What a great opportunity for you! If your business is small, no need to feel intimidated by the bigger companies with a larger promotion budget than you—there’s a lot of things you can do to increase your brand awareness. In this article, I will discuss what you should be doing if you want to position your product as a customer choice.

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