Apple & App Store guideline 4.2.6

Written by Jerome Granados  on  Wednesday 20 September 2017

During the Summer of 2017, the creation and management of iOS apps with GoodBarber was interrupted. This interruption followed a change made by Apple in their guidelines for publishing apps in the App Store. This had no impact on the creation of Android apps and on the creation of Progressive Webs Apps, beside the temporary suspension of V3 / V4 migrations.

This post blog retraces the precise chronology of events and specifies the consequences of Apple's new rules on GoodBarber's commercial offer.

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New GoodBarber 4.0 Themes : Stardust

Written by Muriel Santoni  on  Tuesday 18 July 2017

Not long ago it was the Sunset theme, now it's the Stardust theme's turn to make its first appearance. Keeping up with the latest trends (as always), you'll notice the recurrence of the gradient characteristic, only this time in shades of blue. 
Marie-Julie is giving you a glimpse of what your app could look like if decide to go with the colors in this theme. From colors to typography to icons, discover the possibilities this theme has to offer on both mobile and tablet. 

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The Search Section

Written by Jerome Granados  on  Friday 7 July 2017

The Search section is one of the updates in GoodBarber 4.0

It is a whole new section that offers several options for carrying out searches within your app and website. 

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What's new at GoodBarber? June 2017

Written by Mathieu Fancello  on  Wednesday 5 July 2017

Still continuing with the objective of offering you the best tool to create your app, we dedicated the month of June, 2017 to improving and optimizing the 4th version of GoodBarber. In addition to fixing bugs and other various improvements, this month's work concentrated heavily on the intuitiveness of the back office, specific features, and design improvements, for example the revision of the Articles list templates

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Font Management

Written by Jerome Granados  on  Monday 3 July 2017

Some time ago, Lesia, our Product Design Manager, set herself the goal of enhancing the fonts
in the Builder. Today, we're letting you in on the series of improvements that have been made in regards to this task. These enrichments are a good example of what I appreciate the most at GoodBarber: the attention to detail and perfection. 

Clarity and precision–these are the two words that guided the team in rethinking the way you apply a font to the text in your application. 

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Header and shortcuts

Written by Jerome Granados  on  Friday 23 June 2017

The header is the zone which makes up the upper part of your app. When used to its potential, it can be a very strategic area. It's an essential element in your app's visual identity as well as an area providing instant access to links. If you are looking for best practices on how to make an app, read on!

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New GoodBarber 4.0 Themes : Sunset

blog_write_no_author  Thursday 22 June 2017

GoodBarber 4.0 introduces an array of new ways to conceptualize your application, particularly with the Home section or with the Menu divided by content, but a fresh take can also be seen in terms of the visual approach. We've already mentioned in our "from mobile to desktop" article that the design of the V4 user interface is inspired by mobile, but spreads throughout all screens, including desktop. 

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10 new Map widgets

Written by Jerome Granados  on  Saturday 17 June 2017

We have added 10 new widgets for the map section.

Widgets are the elements you use to build the home page of your app.
On the home page, you can use them to display content or put links to the sections of your app.

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Agency Spotlight : Moving up the business ladder with Tech Upstairs

blog_write_no_author  Thursday 15 June 2017

Tech Upstairs is an agency that is unique across the board, from a one-of-a-kind set of offerings that sets it apart, to a fresh take on successfully managing customers. The insight from the founder, Kedric Benefield, is a must-read. 

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What the most successful apps of our clients have in common

Written by Sara Guiral  on  Monday 12 June 2017

After many years of creating a product that allows anyone to deliver mobile apps, we’ve not only been able to create a real sense of community between us and our clients, we’ve also been able to learn from what many of you have achieved. There’s no doubt that above all, an app needs time and attention to grow, but other key elements can also help–we’ve listed some of the common points that the most successful GoodBarber apps share. Let’s go!

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Loyalty card: increased QR code safety

Written by Jerome Granados  on  Friday 9 June 2017

We’ve introduced extra security measures for the loyalty card QR code. From now on, it will be possible to destroy an existing QR code and replace it with a new one.

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What's new with GoodBarber? May 2017

Written by Mathieu Fancello  on  Wednesday 7 June 2017

Following the release of GoodBarber 4.0, we've paid special attention to our users' feedback. With your suggestions in mind, May 2017 has been all about optimization, to improve the back office intuitiveness as well as the tools available to conceptualize your app. In the meantime, our goal remains the same: allowing you to create apps which cater to your needs, while keeping things simple. 

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Get your food truck's digital presence rolling

Written by Isabella Leland  on  Tuesday 6 June 2017

We’ve already addressed the fact that an app can help send one’s business to new heights. Nowadays, with mobile navigation surpassing the desktop web, users are quick to turn to their "on the go" devices to search for information, itineraries, and reviews–especially so when it comes to eating out!

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Continuous improvement of the V4 back office

Written by Jerome Granados  on  Monday 5 June 2017

Since the release of GoodBarber 4.0 we’ve been intent on improving the user experience for the new back office.

Every day we analyze user behavior in the new GoodBarber interface. Studying these patterns has allowed our Product team (designers, ergonomists…) to measure whether our approach is the right one. In other words, do the users navigate the product in the way we had envisioned?

Every Product Manager’s dream is to catch a glimpse of how users experience the product, to watch and understand how they react in front of the interface upon discovering it. Thanks to data analysis and Data Driven Design, this dream is becoming a reality.

Many tools allow us to collect precious information as the interface is being used. Analyzing this data allows us to have a clear picture of the user’s actual path at a given point in time. From that analysis, designers and ergonomists can perform changes to the product interface in order to improve the user’s journey.

Modifications are applied through subsequent iterations. For each iteration, the Product team and the team in charge of data analysis (Data Scientists) measure the impact of the modification, in real time. For a product like GoodBarber, we can tell after just 24 hours whether the modification applied to the back office has had a positive or negative impact on the user experience.

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World Environment Day 2017, when the GoodBarber team goes green

blog_write_no_author  Friday 2 June 2017

Did you know that Monday, June 5, 2017 is World Environment Day ? Like with a lot of celebrations, one can’t help the feeling that World Environment Day should be everyday. Nevertheless, our home planet deserves all the attention it can get so we figured we’d take the opportunity to showcase some of the actions the GB crew is taking towards making the blue planet a little greener, one small step at a time, and with bigger steps even sometimes— kudos Sebastien for setting up solar panels at home!

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Usability: 4 tips to improve the reach of your app

Written by Isabella Leland  on  Monday 22 May 2017

One of the key advantages of mobile over the desktop? Ease of use and easy access. Something which has always been at the heart of our positioning, and even more so with the logic of GoodBarber 4.0, the latest version of our product, and our commitment to offer a reliable presence across all screens and devices.

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The Team’s Top Motivational Songs Playlist

blog_write_no_author  Wednesday 17 May 2017

In the weeks leading up to the release of GoodBarber 4.0, as you can imagine, there was quite a bit of animation at our headquarters and other offices, with a war mode, which consisted of daily stand up meetings, to perk us up in the morning and send us off with a boost in the evening as we watched the to do list shrink one or several tasks (striiiike) at a time!

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Agency Tips - How your agency can leverage advertising

Written by Jiann Venturini  on  Friday 5 May 2017

If you’re a regular on our blog, you probably recall the recent article we released on the role social media plays in your brand’s image. Today we’re back with an article covering a topic that goes hand in hand—online advertising.

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Complete Guide to App Store Optimization

Written by Manuel Porras el Martes  on  Sunday 30 April 2017

In this blog post, my first collaboration with GoodBarber, I would like to give you a rundown on App Store Optimization, or ASO, which some of you know as the natural positioning, or SEO of applications.

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Menu and secondary navigation

Written by Jerome Granados  on  Wednesday 12 April 2017

The Menu is used for secondary navigation within your app. Seven different concepts are available—each with its own advanced configuration options. Thanks to this amount of diversity, one of the strengths of GoodBarber 4.0, the Menu completes the Home, finely distributing traffic within the app.

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Modular home

Written by Jerome Granados  on  Monday 10 April 2017

The Home is the first screen of your app—and a very important one obviously. It is a pivotal element around which everything else falls into place. GoodBarber 4.0 introduces a modular system, ultra flexible, to manage the Home and make it the starting point of a unique user experience throughout your app.

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What does the V4 mean for resellers?

blog_write_no_author  Friday 7 April 2017

You’ve most likely noticed that recently there have been some big changes here—we’re thrilled to announce the release of the V4, the result of months of brainstorming and hard work to implement this big update. Maybe you’ve already tested the backend or maybe you’ve just seen the buzz everywhere; either way we know you have a lot of questions.

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What's new with GoodBarber 4.0?

Written by Jerome Granados  on  Thursday 6 April 2017

GoodBarber 4.0 is a real milestone in the evolution of GoodBarber. Improving the visibility of your content, offering a one-of-a-kind user experience regardless of the device used as well as introducing infinite flexibility to build your app interface, these have been our objectives when developing GoodBarber 4.0.

On top of that, let us not forget an underlying trend—how mobile and the touch interface have redefined the way we conceive modern graphic interfaces.

GoodBarber 4.0 is the embodiment of it all. With over 350 features to create native apps along with progressive web apps. And now, let’s take a look at the main innovations of GB4.

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GoodBarber 4.0 | Next Generation Apps

Written by Jerome Granados  on  Monday 3 April 2017

Today, GoodBarber is getting a major update. GoodBarber 4.0 aims at revolutionizing the way you create apps.

In 10 years, apps have changed the way we use the web. A very limited space—a small screen—and a not so precise pointer—the finger—have pushed designers to come up with radically new user interfaces. Clean and intuitive, over the years, they’ve imposed their standards on larger screens.

These days, to keep the attention of a user, you must be able to deliver impeccable UX regardless of the device used, whether it's big or small. GoodBarber 4.0 tackles that challenge.

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