Sergio Miranda Carvalho, Tuesday 8 April 2014

Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #2198

Auto enabling of Right to left texts when the language is arabic
Now title can be displayed in 4 lines in articles and videos lists
Written on Monday 7 April 2014

It's the Golden Age in this Mobile Data world

The past was dominated by voice. Now we have moved into another decade, where digital services take the lion share of industry revenues.   The mobile analyst Chetan Sharma  had predicted that voice data would leave space to mobile data, the new big revenue source.  Only during the past year, mobile data service revenues grew by 20% reaching $24.8 billion, and it has become the primary growth driver for US mobile industry.
Jerome Granados, Monday 31 March 2014

News apps keep user's interest more than others

Recently, I fell upon a very interesting article written on Flurry's blog  about the decay of apps. Every app has a lifetime cycle where it reaches the top, and then monthly active users (MAU) start diminishing. Flurry focused on what happens after the peak ... and did you know what they discovered? News apps are decaying slower than other types of apps! Sounds good for you GoodBarbers, right?
Dumè Siacci, Wednesday 26 March 2014

How to create CNAME record to install your HTML5 webapp on your own domain

That was one of the great features that came with GoodBarber Salvador back in September. Every GoodBarber account has a great web app associated, in addition to the native app for iPhone and the native app for Android.   Your natives apps are distributed in the App Store and in Google Play. But what about the web app?    By default, your web app is located on http://<appname> But you can (you should?) change this URL and choose your own.   For instance, you can decide to link your web app to That will be far more convenient for your users to access your html5 web app, right ?   That's what we're going to do together in this post.
Mathieu Poli, Tuesday 25 March 2014

Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #2159

Add some API methods in Scratch navigation mode
Add "hideTitle" in JSON to hide the title in the photo detail view
GoodBarber Team, Wednesday 19 March 2014

GoodBarber is now available in Portuguese!

Hello everyone,   We're growing again and I'm very proud to announce that the portuguese portal and blog are finally available!    So, if you are from Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique or any of the other 7 countries that speak portuguese, you will be finally able to create your apps and have the support in your beautiful language, because I'm here and GoodBarber is ready! :)   We hope the portal will help you to use our tool easily and see many more Beautiful portuguese Apps.   Stay tuned, because adventure has begun!
Mathieu Poli, Tuesday 18 March 2014

Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #2126

You can now edit the size of the text in a detailView with the "defaultTextFontSize" field in the JSON
Add "didAppearReload" JSON parameter for Custom URL section which allow the refresh of the view every time it appear
Deborah Ferri-Pisani, Monday 17 March 2014

From Tokyo to Ajaccio...

Hello everyone, I’m Deborah, and I’m from Ajaccio. I studied applied foreign languages in Aix-en-Provence, spent one year in Tokyo to improve my Japanese, and completed my studies in Paris in media, information and communication, before I got back to my hometown. I speak French, English, Japanese, and also a bit of Italian and Spanish. During my Master’s Degree I worked on digital contents and their impact on the economy, especially in the music industry. I’m very interested in new technologies of information and communication, so when I heard about the CampusPlex I applied, and here I am! I’m here to help the GoodBarber team with the online assistance to help you create your Beautiful Apps. Do get in touch with me if you have any question! :-) I like music (anything, but I love rock and metal), travels, reading, writing, and many other things that just don’t come to my mind right now.
Katrina Bertacci, Friday 14 March 2014

It smells like pretzels here at GoodBarber? Who came from germany?

Hi everyone, my name is Katrina Bertacci. I come from Bologna where I am still studying to complete my masters degree in corporate management. I am half german and half italian and I speak fluent english, italian and german. When I found out that GoodBarber was looking for a person to open the german market I applied for the job and so now here I am! I will be managing the german market as you may have imagined. In my free time I enjoy reading, painting and taking my dog for walks and playing with him. I also love to cook and experiment, making my own cosmetics for fun. I like traveling a lot and making new experiences, which is also why I applied at GoodBarber. I have almost finished my first week here and it has been very interesting. At the moment I am learning to use all the powerful tools that GoodBarber offers because I need to understand the product before I can propose it to the market. ;) I have also found the workplace to be very positive and inspiring.
Written on Thursday 13 March 2014

GoodBarber News : Showcases and more

Hi GoodBarbers! I'm so happy today because a lot of new things are happening here at GoodBarber. I can't reveal more, but something is coming up. Remember to download the app "GoodBarber News" to stay up to date with our latest news. :D
Arianna Testi, Wednesday 12 March 2014

How to create a Flurry account?

Today I’m going to explain you how to create a Flurry account, to have more analytics data of your app.   First of all go to  and sing up, entering all the information required and accepting the terms and the conditions.
Written on Saturday 8 March 2014

International Women's Day

Today is the International Women’s Day, and we didn’t forget :)   The GoodBarber team used to be full of “geek” boys, but since last year always more girl joined the team for give a nicer touch to our Beautiful Apps.   So today I want to celebrate them, showing to you that create an app is not only a men stuff.   I choose some apps, made by or for women… Enjoy!!
Jerome Granados, Friday 7 March 2014

A Tuscan boy in Corsica

Hi everyone!   My name is Guido and I just joined the GoodBarber’s team as an Android developer.    I come from Florence where I graduated in Engineering of Electronics. While studying for my two-years specialization course in Engineering Automation I started to develop Android on my own and fell in love with it. So I started to create my apps for my own pleasure. Recently I've started to develop Apple for curiosity and made some apps on my own. When I saw the GoodBarber's contest in Florence I said “why not?”. I tried.... And now I'm here! I’m very happy to be part of the team because I think we should always follow our passions as much as we can.   What am I doing at GoodBarber?   I’m here to help the team develop the Android Beautiful Apps engine.   What else?   I love music. I played in a band (Repleva ) in my home town as a guitarist and I like listening to live music. I enjoy playing soccer and volleyball. I like cooking, as well.
Jerome Granados, Thursday 6 March 2014

Disqus now available in your app

If you read carefully tuesday's update, you saw that we enabled Disqus comments on GoodBarber. Many of you had requested this feature, so we set aside our developments on GoodBarber 3 for a few hours, in order to bring this feature to GoodBarber 2. It's now ready to be used. Let me explain how to turn on Disqus comments into your app.
Mathieu Poli, Tuesday 4 March 2014

Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #2067

Add Disqus comments
AdMob: It's now possible to have different publisherId for splashscreen and list
Bug fix: Fix wrong number
Jerome Granados, Monday 3 March 2014

Back from an amazing week @ MWC14

As you know, last week, we attended the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona. Each year, the Mobile World Congress is the moment for us to showcase GoodBarber's new features. In 2013, we established a new standard in mobile app design by providing the most comprehensive set of designing option ever seen in an app builder. This year, we had the pleasure to demonstrate how to deliver an ultimate user experience using the last improvements of GoodBarber.
Mathieu Poli, Monday 17 February 2014

Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #2009

Bug fix: Now the searchBar doesn't appear anymore if it's not needed
Bug fix: Images now download correctly in case of categories list template
Bug fix: Fix subtitle in SoundCloud section when track is posted more than a year ago
Arianna Testi, Friday 14 February 2014

Meet us at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona! We are waiting for you! :)

Hi everyone!   Today I’ll talk to you again about the big upcoming event in Barcelona, the Mobile World Congress.   As you know, part of our team will be there, at Hall 8.1, booth 8.1S41 - Station10, to meet everyone who is interested in GoodBarber and its Beautiful Apps.    Just some words to present you the team that will be present to this event.   Dominique Siacci , CEO of GoodBarber, or as I call him the Big Boss! French and English speaker. Jerome Granados , CMO of GoodBarber. French and English speaker. Meryl Fiamma _ , Project Manager. French and English speaker. Sara Guiral Gonzales , Country Manager of our guest country, Spain. English speaker and Spanish, of course. And me! :) Arianna Testi , Country Manager for the Italian Market. Italian and English speaker.
Dumè Siacci, Wednesday 12 February 2014

3 days @ Salon de la Radio in Paris

On Sunday, Monday & Tuesday, we were in Paris for the French Radio Show (Salon de la Radio) with Jérôme Pietri . It's a major event in France for the radio world, organized by two of our first customers, Philippe Chapot & Frédéric Brulhatour , from La Lettre Pro de la Radio . If you remember, we already attended this event once, just a year ago. We had a great time with all the people at the event who visited our booth, existing or future customers :)