Jerome Granados, Wednesday 5 February 2014

Minimal color & Minimal photo. Less is definitely more

Big news today. Since yesterday's update, revision #1900, 2 new templates have landed in your back office. They are called Minimal color & Minimal photo. They have been designed for the article section and the video section.  It raises to 8 the number of templates you can choose to display a list of articles (or videos). But Minimals are a brand new kind of templates. As suggested by their name, they are sleek and simple. Let me show you how beautiful they are. With minimal photo and minimal color, no doubt you are going to create a stunning article or video section. 
Mathieu Poli, Tuesday 4 February 2014

Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #1900

2 new templates for Article & Video sections : Minimal color & Minimal photo
Add a new url scheme management ("goodbarber://maps") in the Custom section
Share button disabling management in the Live Plus section
Andressa Izumi, Monday 3 February 2014

Andressa, now in Corsica with <3

Hello all, I’m Andressa. I just started today my internship here at GoodBarber and I feel like I'm living some kind of dream! I just graduated last year on Interactive Multimedia Production. Back at my lovely hometown – Lisbon, I was working at a Call Center doing Costumer Service, but constantly I was searching for a better job.
Written on Saturday 1 February 2014

Long Live The App Maker Profession!

The technologies are far from opposing. Rather, they complement each other and will continue to recombine in the near future.
GoodBarber Team, Friday 31 January 2014

Check out the GoodBarber YouTube channel!

Did you know GoodBarber has a YouTube channel? For anyone looking for more visual and interactive help with creating their app than what our backend documentation offers, or for those who just want to know what the platform is like before giving it a go, our YouTube channel might be a good spot for you to consider checking out.  Most of the videos are in English or French, but there are some Spanish ones mixed in there as well. Feel free to turn on the YouTube subtitle functionality if you need any language assistance.   
Mathieu Poli, Tuesday 28 January 2014

Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #1880

SoundCloud section : Now the artist cell doesn't appear if we have categories
Add "listBackgroundOpacity" parameter in podcast detail, event detail and comments views
Bug fix: Fixing selected icon size in custom TabBar
Jerome Granados, Tuesday 28 January 2014

Maths for kids: iOS vs Android

Today, I propose you a simple maths exercise for your kids. It will let them play with figures and discover which platform, between iOS and Android, is more popular among non developers who create apps. It started this morning during a coffee break at the office. If you drop by one day, no doubt that you will attend passionate discussions between iOS and Android developers. Each team can argue that the platform they develop on is the best and why. But what about our users who are non-developers? Do they prefer iOS or Android? A quick look at our database can give you the answer to this question. So, let's play with data. If you have a kid aged between 7 and 8, you can solve the following exercise with him ;)
Dumè Siacci, Monday 20 January 2014

Meet our team across Europe in February!

The GoodBarber team will be on tour in February. Like last year, we'll exhibit at the Salon de la Radio, in Paris. And of course, we'll be in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress. But this year, we'll also organize a meetup for the GoodBarber users living in Barcelona, during the MWC.
Dumè Siacci, Friday 10 January 2014

GoodBarber FAQs about mobile app development #7

Today, we will discuss about the big traffic shift every app creator sees, from their website to their mobile app. We will also see what are the best practices to send push notifications.
Sergio Miranda Carvalho, Tuesday 7 January 2014

Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #1797

Add UseOriginalPhotoIfPossible management by sections
Fix alertview when clicking on phone numbers
Fix crash with invalid summary in article
Arianna Testi, Wednesday 1 January 2014

How to do the web analysis of my mobile app?

In the era of the Web 2.0, the real life overlapped the virtual one, making crucial for any business, the study of the habits of their users while they are surfing on the web.   Thanks to web analysis became possible not only to analyze your target customers, the access, the traffic, etc ... but there are also offered the tools to optimize your investments on the web advertising, to improve conversion rates and the results of your business.
Dumè Siacci, Wednesday 1 January 2014

Happy new year 2014 :)

The whole GoodBarber team wishes you a wonderful year. Let's change the world of app building together!
Dumè Siacci, Tuesday 31 December 2013

2013 in video ... here's how we had fun :)

We had a lot of funny moments this year ... Here's what happens behind the scenes :) Thank you all for your great support. You can't imagine how 2014 will be a great year!
Written on Monday 30 December 2013

How to promote your app on your website? #2

We have already talked about it in the past, now we will resume what has been said and delve further into the subject. As you all know, an app can help you to increase your customer base and your traffic. But before this can be possible is important that your new app is presented to the world! You must to expect a normal period of transition in which you will try to redirect the users of your mobile website to your app. At this point, it is usual to undertake marketing strategies to promote the app and make it known to the world.