Mathieu Poli, Wednesday 2 September 2020

What's new at GoodBarber? August 2020

No rest at GoodBarber in August! Two new add-ons have been published and you might be particularly interested if you're using GoodBarber for your Shopping App.   "Quick Buy " add-on: Your clients will now be able to easily add products to their cart from the Home page of your app (widget List of products° or while browsing a collection. Once your clients have added the product, the button will say "added". Clients will never have to leave the page they're browsing, therefore increasing the chance of them browsing your catalog further, which will result in an increase in your average cart.    "Store Locator " add-on: Give your clients a quick overview of your different store locations and simplify their shopping experience by allowing them to find you instantly.  You will find below the updates and improvements for August, 2020. 
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 26 August 2020

How much does it cost to make an app?

One of the biggest questions: how much it cost to create an app for iOS and Android? This article will provide the answers to better understand the cost of app development.
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 12 August 2020

Store Locator now available on your Shopping App

Did you know? 88% of all mobile searchers visit a related store they have searched for? With our new Store locator add-on, you can now merge your online and offline business. It allows you to display your store locations on your shopping app and help your clients find you easily, simplifying the shopping experience. With online sales taking over traditional shopping, small business owners need to find ways to bring customers back to their new o brick-and-mortar locations. According to studies (source Hubspot), 40% of all mobile searches today have some form of local intent, making store locators an important part of a marketing strategy.  
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 12 August 2020

Shopping App: A new add-on to increase conversion, the Quick Buy button

Easy navigation and smooth ordering process are two of the main reasons shoppers will stay or leave a shopping app.  You can improve this shopping experience by creating smooth ordering directly from the Home page or from a collection. Instead of navigating to single product pages, your clients can shop directly from the products list By allowing your clients to quickly select products, you can speed up their shopping flow on your app, which then will result in increasing your conversion rate. It might also encourage them to buy more. For example, if you're a caterer or selling beauty product, your clients are most likely going to buy more than one product from you. If they are buying a facial cleanser, they will probably also buy a moisturizer or exfoliant.  Thank to our new add-on, you can now add this feature to your Shopping App. 
Mathieu Poli, Wednesday 5 August 2020

What's new at GoodBarber? July 2020

This month we have several novelties to present you and which concern the Shopping Apps!   First of all, two new features in the checkout process: You can now customize the wording of the fields concerning the company, the VAT number, and the phone number of your clients. You can activate a new free field, the "Client note" field, which will allow your users to send you any message when placing an order. Then a brand new add-on! The "In-store pickup". It allows your clients to place their orders from your app and to pick it up in your shop. Convenient right? You can find below a summary of the developments and updates made during July, 2020.
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 22 July 2020

How our new "In-store pickup" add-on will benefit your shop

e-Commerce is a tough competitive market. With large companies taking the main share of the market, what do local, independent businesses have to offer to compete? Shops! Their actual physical location.  Thanks to our new add-on “In-store pickup”, local shops can now increase in-store foot traffic, boosting sales and client satisfaction. 
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 15 July 2020

GoodBarber top marketing advice for every stage of your app journey

Top marketing advice for each stage of your app development: pre-launch, publication, post-launch You’ve taken the right step by deciding to create an app. And you already know that promoting your app and setting a marketing strategy will be important for its success.   But sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start.  Or what to focus on depending on if you’re just starting creating your business, if you’re about to launch it, or are now looking to take your business to the next level.  We gathered for you all our best articles to guide you along your journey.  
Mathieu Poli, Thursday 9 July 2020

What's new at GoodBarber? June 2020

This month we have something new for everyone! Among the developments made we offer two new features that will delight creators of content apps as well as shopping apps!   Let's start with the Classic apps and the new design. Our ambition has always been to provide you with a product at the cutting edge of technology and mobile user experience.   As the style of the action buttons we offer you is no longer satisfactory, we have updated the design to keep your apps up to date with the current design trends! The update will give an excellent refresh to the user interface of your apps :)  For the Shopping Apps, we continue our efforts by offering a new add-on for your Shopping Cart section: the "Cart Reminder " add-on.  This reminder is an easy and simple way to encourage your clients to complete their purchases, by showing them the products they have left in their cart.    You can find below a summary of the developments and updates made during June, 2020.
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 1 July 2020

Reduce order abandonment with our new add-on

Abandoned order, shopping cart abandonment are dreaded terms for online shop owners.  Indeed almost 70% of users will leave a site or app without completing their shopping. What is an abandoned order? Order abandonment is when a shopper gets to the point in their journey where they add an item to their cart and then for some reason decides to leave without taking any further action. For the retail sector, some of the most common reasons for abandonment are issues with shipping and shipping cost, decided to buy in-store instead, lack of payment options, or technical issues.
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 1 July 2020

New add-on: Cart reminder

To continue with our add-ons focused on reducing cart abandonment, we just launched the "Cart reminder" add-on.  The Cart reminder is an easy and simple way to encourage your clients to finish their shopping, by showing them the products they left in their cart. This reminder will work well combined with the "Abandoned order" add-on.   
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 24 June 2020

GoodBarber Shopping App: Currencies and Payment gateways

  One of the key elements when creating your Shopping App is the checkout process and the choice of your payment gateways. But it's not always easy to figure them out. Some of the most common questions we receive are: which payment option should I choose? Should I provide more than one? What if they are not available in my country?  We'll cover in this article the different payment options offered by GoodBarber and their availability depending on your location.  But first, a little reminder....
Marie Pireddu, Tuesday 16 June 2020

New design update for your Classic apps

We are very happy to introduce today a new design update for our Classic platform. At GoodBarber we are always committed to providing a product that is always at the forefront of technology and mobile user experience, as well as adhering to Apple and Google's requirements so that your apps can be successfully published on both stores.  As the style of the action buttons that we offer was no longer satisfactory, we had to make this update in order to keep your apps up to date with the latest design trends. The update will give a great refresh to the UI of your apps.
Written on Wednesday 10 June 2020

Which plan should you choose for your app?

Maybe you've just started creating your Beautiful App and you find yourself in that moment when you have to decide which plan to choose? Especially when creating an app for the first time, you might be at a loss when it comes to defining your needs. This is where our 30 days trial period comes in handy, to test our features and Add-Ons, giving you a better idea of the requirements to wrap up your project.
Mathieu Poli, Wednesday 3 June 2020

What's new at GoodBarber? May 2020

This month we are working on features that will delight local businesses! Our first add-on is Offline payment. With this add-on, you facilitate the shopping experience of your clients by allowing them to pay outside the app Next is the local delivery  add-on, which is now available on your Shopping App. It allows you to configure your delivery zones by zip code and offer a fast delivery option to your nearest clients You can find below a summary of the developments and updates made during May, 2020.
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 20 May 2020

From your shop to their doorsteps with the local delivery add-on

To continue our series of add-ons dedicated to local businesses, Local delivery is now available for your Shopping App. Delivery is the last step to getting your products to your clients and is just as important as the shopping process. Offering the right delivery option for your online shop enhances the experience and helps clients retention.    Did you know that only 21% of retailers offer an option for fast delivery, while customers expectations in that domain increase? With this new add-on, you’re staying a step ahead of your competition and therefore increase your sales. With Local Delivery,  you can set up your delivery zones by zip code and offer fast delivery to your nearest clients.   
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 20 May 2020

A new payment gateway for your Shopping App: Offline payment

We really take it to heart to constantly improve our Shopping Apps. Following your feedback, we will be launching a series of add-ons perfect for all local businesses. They will allow you to boost your sales, grow your local client base and strengthen your online presence  Our first add-on is Offline Payment. With this add-on you facilitate your clients' shopping experience by allowing  them to pay outside the app
Mathieu Poli, Wednesday 6 May 2020

What's new at GoodBarber? April 2020

This month we offer you several new features, especially on the Shopping apps side.   As you know, we strive to constantly develop our features, especially when they come from your suggestions. Many of you have asked us and we listened : Mercado Pago is now available as a payment gateway in your Shopping App. ​Launched in 2003, Mercado Pago is an Argentina-based digital payment platform available to consumers and businesses exclusively in Latin America. Since its launch, Mercado Pago has been rolled out across the region in eight key countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela. You can find below a summary of the developments and updates made during April, 2020.
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 22 April 2020

Mercado Pago is now available in your Shopping App

​As you know, we strive to constantly develop our features, especially when they come from your suggestions. Many of you have asked us and we listened : Mercado Pago is now available as a payment gateway in your Shopping App.
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 15 April 2020

How can an app help you support your community

First, as we continue with our 5th week of working from home, we hope that everyone is safe and healthy.  As the Covid-19 situation evolves worldwide, it has created new challenges for everyone. From working from home to social distancing, we all need to adapt.  It made it increasingly difficult for people to stay connected, even in an era of social media high.  Social distancing has also had a strong impact on small businesses and the local economy.  Small businesses are often major contributors to the heart of a community. But with the help of technology, we believe here at GoodBarber that an app can help you to recreate these connections and help your community at the same time. If you are still wondering about the cost of creating an app, you can find more info here You have the possibility to easily create different types of apps.
Mathieu Poli, Thursday 2 April 2020

What's new at GoodBarber? March 2020

The month of March was disrupted all around the world by the health crisis. Even though the situation is more difficult, the GoodBarber teams have taken steps to ensure that the company's productivity does not suffer. A few weeks ago, we unveiled our new exclusive home-working organization, and it is under these conditions that our technical teams have carried out the developments listed below. We are now in our fourth week of containment and we intend to keep up the pace as long as it takes for the situation to return to normal.  Don't forget to take care of yourself and others by staying home as much as possible! You can count on us to continue to provide you with the best service and allow you to fine-tune your app from the comfy seats of your couch :)  This month we're releasing a new must-have feature for apps that use our Authentication add-on: Sign-in with Apple.   It is Apple's authentication system that relies on the user's Apple ID and is designed to enhance the privacy of user data. Users can choose not to provide their email address to the apps in which they authenticate via Sign-in with Apple. In this case, Apple will create a unique, random email address that will act as a relay between the user and the third-party app.  Apple has announced a change to the Apple Store's guidelines due to the release of Sign-in with Apple: all apps that offer at least one third-party authentication system will now be required to offer Sign-in with Apple.  For you, this means that if you have enabled authentication via Facebook and/or Twitter in your GoodBarber app, Sign-in with Apple will automatically be enabled in your GoodBarber app.  If you only use the GoodBarber authentication system, nothing changes for you :)  You can find below a summary of the developments and updates made during March, 2020.
Jerome Granados, Friday 20 March 2020

Covid-19: GoodBarber adapts its offer to increase your communication capacities

  Every day, in order to combat the spread of Covid-19, new countries are taking strong measures to limit the social interactions of their populations. Many people find themselves confined to their homes. Faced with this situation, communication tools become the only way left for us to interact with the outside world.   With your GoodBarber app, you have forged a strong bond with your users. The current situation requires stronger communication to share important information and announcements, in particular, to keep your clients informed of the measures you are taking in response to the pandemic. This is why GoodBarber is adapting its offers for the coming weeks in order to increase your communication capacities.