Mathieu Poli, Wednesday 6 January 2021

What's new at GoodBarber? December 2020

That's it 2021 is finally here! After this rather special year, the  GoodBarber team wishes you all the best for the coming year and of course a lot of success in your journey as an app creator!  In December, we worked on a new Fast Checkout add-on. We created it to simplify the payment process and remove unnecessary steps for your clients. Depending on the shipping method activated in your shop, during the ordering process, your clients will only be asked to provide specific information about the chosen shipping method. No more time wasted filling in unnecessary details!  You'll find below a summary of the improvements and updates made during the month of December 2020  
Marie Pireddu, Friday 1 January 2021

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from all of us at GoodBarber.  All our best wishes for 2021 :) Pace e Salute!
Marie Pireddu, Monday 28 December 2020

You can now add a Form to your Shopping App

Already available in the Classic App, the Contact Form is now available for your Shopping App.  This great tool is the perfect way to interact with your clients.   
Marie Pireddu, Monday 28 December 2020

The Developer Tool add-on now available in Shopping Apps

This popular add-on on our Classic platform is now available for Shopping Apps!  With the JSON add-on, you can access hidden settings as well as personalize your app even more.  It is also a great feature for Resellers wanting to offer more options to their clients.
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 23 December 2020

2020, A GoodBarber year in review

What a year, right? The Covid-19 pandemic has been one of the main events that made 2020 a year like no other.  It changed our way of working as we knew it. It took its toll on many communities and small businesses. Being present on digital channels has proven to be a must for these businesses.  2020 has been a year of unprecedented changes and challenges. But we remain optimistic. We've seen the people helping people. Businesses stepping up and even grow.  As we are a few days away from leaving 2020 behind, we take a moment to look at GoodBarber's key moments.   
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 16 December 2020

Optimize your checkout process with the Fast Checkout add-on

For your Shopping App, as for any online shop, the checkout is one of the most important steps. How smooth (or not) the buyer experience is at this moment will determine if your potential client finalizes the purchase or not.  When you know that the average cart abandonment rate is 69.57%, you'll want to optimize your checkout page. Lucky for you, GoodBarber is always looking for ways to enhance your shopping app. In addition to already existing optimization features such as one-click payment, quick-buy button, we have now released the Fast Checkout add-on.   
Christophe Spinetti, Friday 11 December 2020

Your client's developer accounts vs. your own

Article originally published 07/10/2017. Agencies often wonder if they can use their own developer account to publish their clients' apps or if they should ask their clients to create their own accounts. Let's be clear right now, it is mandatory to use your clients' accounts to publish their apps. This may seem restrictive but these are clear rules enacted by Apple and Google for the management of their Stores. They want to be contractually bound to the owner of the content, i.e. your client, not you. More details on Apple guidelines More details on Google Policies  
Jerome Granados, Tuesday 8 December 2020

App Store Connect Holiday: Dec 23 – 27

Each year, Apple suspends app reviews during the Christmas week. This year App Store Connect will not be accepting any submission from December 23 to 27 (Pacific Time). Here are the different scenarios and see the impact of this announcement on your iOS submission.
Mathieu Poli, Wednesday 2 December 2020

What's new at GoodBarber? November 2020

This month we've been working to help you comply with the new standards. No jealousy this time, one is for Shopping Apps, and the other for Classic Apps:   SCA payment: On December 31, 2020, the new security requirements imposed on banks and payment organizations by the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2 ) will take effect in the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA). The European standard called SCA (Strong Customer Authentication), which is version 2 of the 3D Secure payment, will then come out. Transparency and Consent Framework: The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) has published a new version of the Transparency and Consent Framework, TCF V2. The objective is to ensure transparency between publishers (owners of sites displaying ads), ad networks, and suppliers (ad suppliers) using CMPs (Consent Management Platforms) that are verified by the IAB.  
Marie Pireddu, Monday 30 November 2020

How an app can help you keep your business open ?

This pandemic is having an immediate and long-term impact on small businesses. From lockdown to restrictions, and social distancing, small business owners have had to adapt and find solutions to keep their business running.    Digital channels are becoming the new norm. For example, local farmers have been embracing digital technologies as a way to directly sell produce.    A positive trend from this new norm is the support for small and local businesses. People are specifically seeking out local, independently-owned businesses. Many social media campaigns are dedicated to shopping locally and #supportlocalbusiness or #shoplocal are trending.    At GoodBarber, we’re here to support you and help you keep your business open by offering you solutions adapted to your needs.  
Marie Pireddu, Friday 27 November 2020

Classic App: comply now with the iAB new Transparency and Consent Framework

IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) released a new Transparency and Consent Framework version, the TCF V2. The aim is to provide transparency between Publishers (Site owner displaying ads), ad networks, and Vendors (ads suppliers) by using CMP (Consent Management Platforms) that are verified by the IAB. If you display ads on your GoodBarber apps via AdMob, Google Ad Manager, and Google AdSense to your European and Uk visitors, then this is for you.  To comply with Google’s EU User consent policy, GoodBarber implemented Google’s CMP Funding Choices. Funding Choices is a Consent Management Platform (approved by the IAB TCF v2) that integrates with Google’s advertising services to help you navigate user choice for privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.    
Christophe Spinetti, Friday 27 November 2020

Reseller: how to generate more revenue ?

As GoodBarber Resellers, you monetize your savoir-faire by creating apps for your clients. To bill your services, the 3 most common methods are:  - App creation fees - Subscriptions (maintenance and infrastructure fees) - Sell additional services Most of our Resellers, charge according to the first 2 methods but often forget the 3rd method: "sell additional services".
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 25 November 2020

Important update for your Shopping App: SCA payment

On December 31, 2020, the new security requirements imposed on banks and payment processors by the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) will be taking effect in the European Economic Area (EEA) countries. The European standard called SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) comes out, which is version 2 of the payment by 3D Secure.  GoodBarber has taken all the necessary steps to comply with the new standard and SCA has been implemented in our Shopping Apps.  All you need to do on your side is to rebuild your app to benefit from this update and submit the new version to the Stores.  Let's find out in more detail, what SCA is all about and what it means for your app. 
Written on Thursday 12 November 2020

How to transition from a desktop product to mobile? (Infographic)

Article updated 11/112020 Should I move my business to mobile? You already know our answer, but the question is, how to transition from a desktop product to a mobile application. In terms of user expectations and usability, a mobile app is a different product altogether. Because we make a point of accompanying you every step of the way, here are a few elements to have in mind when looking to make this oh so important switch.
Mathieu Poli, Wednesday 4 November 2020

What's new at GoodBarber? October 2020

This month we present you some new features, especially in terms of Shopping Apps.  First of all, know that you can now set a time zone and apply it to your entire shop, from the Settings > Shop info of your back office. Once the timezone has been chosen, it will be applied to all the elements of your app, such as emails, dates displayed on your shop, etc. It will become the reference time zone of your shop.  Then, and at the same place, you will be able to choose the date and time format that will be applied to your shop.  And finally, a new line is displayed in your link manager: the "Product details" line. Got it? You can now create links towards the product pages.  You'll find below a summary of the improvements and updates made during the month of October 2020:  
Christophe Spinetti, Friday 30 October 2020

Agency Spotlight: Visual Apps boosts small businesses digital marketing

Visual Apps is a mobile marketing agency working mainly in the Occitan region in France. Chan and his team are helping businesses and associations in the region increase their mobile audience. In March 2020, during the 1st lockdown, Visual Apps launched a solidarity initiative, offering its services free of charge to companies in difficulty.
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 14 October 2020

Take your podcast to the next level with a mobile app

Every day, new podcasts are published on different platforms (Spotify, iTunes, etc). Podcasting is now mainstream and attracts tens of millions of people every week, generating more and more revenue.  According to this report from The Verge, the podcast industry revenue in 2018 was $479.1 million and will likely create $1 Billion annual revenue by 2021. “Technology, Media, And Telecommunications Predictions 2020” report that the podcasting business could grow to more than $3.3 billion by 2025. This is clearly a lucrative industry that has a lot of room for innovation.  If you're thinking of creating a podcast, this is definitely the right time.    
Mathieu Poli, Wednesday 7 October 2020

What's new at GoodBarber? September 2020

This month we've redesigned a section very appreciated by podcast lovers. I'm talking about the Sound section of your GoodBarber Classic apps. We are pleased to announce the release of a must-have feature: Mini Player.  From now on, your users will be able to browse the app while continuing to listen to the content of your Sound and Live sections. All this while always viewing the player at the bottom of their screen, no matter what view they are in!   We also worked on a new template for the details page of your Sound section, I let you discover it in your back office ;)    You will find below the summary of the improvements and updates made during the month of September 2020:
Christophe Spinetti, Wednesday 23 September 2020

Why is now the best time for Resellers ?

COVID-19 has drastically impacted our daily lives. As remote working and social distancing have become the new norm, consumer behavior has shifted from in-person to digital channels. People re-discovered that they can find everything they need online. Businesses have had to adapt their offer and find innovative ways to meet their customers' new expectations.   The apps ecosystem has been positively impacted by this shift in behaviors, which is good news for mobile app resellers.  
Marie Pireddu, Thursday 10 September 2020

Google AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages - Add-On

As you know, we strive to constantly develop our features and provide you with the tools to be successful. After releasing the Google AMP - Mobile Accelerated Pages - Add-on.-on for Shopping App last December, we are now making this add-on available on Classic Apps as well.  The AMP (accelerated mobile page) format was created by Google with the aim of making it easier and faster to load web pages on mobile phones. With this Add-On, you will be able to increase your visibility and drive more traffic.   Indeed Google highlights pages using AMP technology in its search results. AMP pages appear either in the AMP carousel at the top of the first results page, or in traditional results, with the AMP label. You therefore greatly increase your visibility and your chances of traffic on your shop. With this technology you ensure that your pages are loaded almost instantly resulting in a perfect user experience and increased customer retention.   
Mathieu Poli, Wednesday 2 September 2020

What's new at GoodBarber? August 2020

No rest at GoodBarber in August! Two new add-ons have been published and you might be particularly interested if you're using GoodBarber for your Shopping App.   "Quick Buy " add-on: Your clients will now be able to easily add products to their cart from the Home page of your app (widget List of products° or while browsing a collection. Once your clients have added the product, the button will say "added". Clients will never have to leave the page they're browsing, therefore increasing the chance of them browsing your catalog further, which will result in an increase in your average cart.    "Store Locator " add-on: Give your clients a quick overview of your different store locations and simplify their shopping experience by allowing them to find you instantly.  You will find below the updates and improvements for August, 2020. 
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 26 August 2020

How much does it cost to make an app?

One of the biggest questions: how much it cost to create an app for iOS and Android? This article will provide the answers to better understand the cost of app development.