Marca Barcelona, a sports radio station broadcasting worldwide thanks to an app

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Tuesday 21 December 2021

Radio Marca Barcelona specializes in Sports and streams 24 hours a day. It is dedicated to offering its listeners in Spanish, the latest in sporting news, and live events.
The station offers 26 different weekly programs with 32 different presenters, some with solo shows and others working together.
They just covered the Olympics in Tokyo, and are the only station in Spain that covers all the Eurocup games. Additionally, they cover all La Liga (Spanish soccer league) games on the weekends in Spain and La Liga ACB Basketball games. 
Their radio station broadcasts in over 170 countries, including the US, Argentina, Mexico all the way through South America, and even Asia.

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Responding to the #1 Sales Rejection : It's too Expensive!

Written by Christophe Spinetti  on  Friday 17 December 2021

One of the biggest challenges agencies face is managing to convince certain clients that a mobile application is a worthwhile financial investment. For small businesses with limited funds, an app is not considered a necessity for their business strategy, but more of an expendable luxury. How do you convince your audience that they really need an app, even if the cost seems too high?

1. A reasonable investment
2. An optimal return on investment

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How to create an app for a Radio station

Written by Muriel Santoni  on  Tuesday 14 December 2021

Like the press, radio is a medium that has been facing a profound shift in usage in recent years. Their distribution and monetization models have been turned upside down. 
Radio has the advantage of being a media that can be consumed everywhere and that is not exclusive: it is largely possible to listen to a radio station or a podcast while practicing an activity on the side. Moreover, since 2017, the cell phone has become the first screen to surf on radio and music websites and applications. The stations have really digitized their offers and it's not for nothing. 

At the same time, streaming radio and podcasting consumption habits are becoming more and more significant. Offering an app for your radio will allow you to stay close to your listeners and of course to convince new ones. It will allow you to explore new ways of communication and to diversify your content types.

If you’re new and never created an app before, we share our best tips on how to make an app  following a few keys steps and other best practices in our blog, 

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Our website is now available in German and Dutch!

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Wednesday 8 December 2021

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? 
Spreek jij Nederlands?

We have some exciting news! The GoodBarber website is now available in German and Dutch !

Our large community of users in Germany and the Netherland was already enjoying having their back office and apps in their respective languages, and now our website follows. 
While we know that Germans and Dutch have a lot of facilities with the English language, we wanted to offer an even more pleasant user experience, so it seemed important to us that the GoodBarber website exists in both these languages.

GoodBarber's website is now in 7 languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Dutch. 


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Have an event coming up? Create an app for it

blog_write_no_author  Saturday 4 December 2021

Are you planning an event? Does your promotion strategy include a mobile app? Let us give you some tips and explain why an app is what every event planner needs and how you should go about creating an Event App and introducing this powerful tool to the public.

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What's new at GoodBarber? November 2021

Written by Mathieu Fancello  on  Friday 3 December 2021

This month we're releasing a few of your favorite classic features to our Shopping App platform. You can now connect your WordPress blog or create your own blog feed, add a KLM section or create your own map feed. 
We've also added new triggers and actions to our Zapier connector. 
All these upgrades are the perfect addition to your Shopping App to make the very busy end-of-year shopping season a success.

You will find below the summary of the improvements and updates made during the month of November 2021:

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How to create a promotional email campaign thanks to our new Promocode trigger for Zapier

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Wednesday 24 November 2021

Last month, we launched our new Zapier add-on . With the new tool, Shopping App owners could gain time and increase productivity by connecting their GoodBarber app to other apps to deal with repetitive tasks. 

As you already know, our team is constantly working on improving our tool and providing you the best platform out there. So, since last month, we've already added new triggers and actions to offer your more solutions to run your business efficiently. 

You'll find new triggers for promocodes, abandoned orders, and new triggers and actions for your product catalog. 
In this article, we'll focus on the promocode triggers.


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Cyber Monday - How to stand out with your Shopping App

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Wednesday 24 November 2021

Cyber Monday is the biggest day for online shopping and it’s right around the corner. 
What used to be a day for tech and electronics is now for every eCommerce and is part of a weekend (BFCM) which marks the start of the holiday shopping season 
In 2020, amid COVID -19 concerns, shoppers chose to shop online more than ever and Cyber week broke all e-Commerce records. 
According to Adobe, a record $10.8 billion was spent online by the end of Cyber Monday, an increase of 15.1 %  YoY, making it the largest online shopping day in U.S. history and beating last year’s $9.4 billion record.  What’s more is smartphones accounted for 41.1 percent of revenue during the five-day period, up 7.4 % year over year.

So how do you stand out in the crowd and compete with the big deals from the big brands?
Think mobile-first. If you are just starting as an eCommerce with your GoodBarber Shopping, it is a great time to make your entrance on the market as more and more customers are turning to their mobile to complete their holiday shopping.
Your Shopping App gives you an edge over other retailers. Retailers who have a Shopping App register 3X more conversions than their website. 

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GoodBarber celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Written by Mathéa Pellé  on  Wednesday 17 November 2021

This November 14, 2021, GoodBarber celebrated its 10th anniversary, just like the release of the iPhone 4s, the birth of Siri, the birth of iCloud or the beginning of 4G in France. A lot has changed since then; the world has evolved and GoodBarber has evolved with it. In 10 years, our interfaces have changed, our applications have developed; there are more of us and our users too. It's time to look back at the creation of GoodBarber and these 10 years of adventure. 
But it wasn't all built in one day. If GoodBarber is announced in 2011 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the adventure really starts 10 years earlier, in 2001, when Sebastien Simoni, the current CEO of GoodBarber launches WebzineMaker. These years of reflection, development and innovation have made it possible to create powerful, customizable applications without going through the coding stage. This philosophy has guided us throughout the creation and development of GoodBarber, in a logic of perpetual renewal. 

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How to Pitch an App

Written by Christophe Spinetti  on  Monday 15 November 2021

As an expert and app reseller, you must be ready at all times to respond to the solicitation of a potential lead, or a future contributor. Whether in a public or private setting, you should regularly have a pitch ready for any eventuality. The best is to have a proven pitch for different situations.  

So the principle of the pitch is simple. The goal is to prove in a few minutes the interest and the merits of your product or service. Whether it's for your current business or for a business in creation. The original name is "Elevator pitch" to illustrate the fact that your speech must fit in a time frame as short as an elevator ride.  

And the shorter the pitch, the more specific it should be. In this article, we'll try to be exhaustive, so you'll have to pick and choose from the information we give you to build (and test...) the best pitch possible.

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What's new at GoodBarber? October 2021

Written by Mathieu Fancello  on  Wednesday 10 November 2021

This month, we focused on our Shopping Apps and added 2 new features allowing online shop owners to manage even more efficiently their business. 

  • Zapier Integration : You can now use the most popular automation tool to connect your GoodBarber Shopping App to other services. 
  • My GB Shop Companion : With this brand new app, you can now manage your orders directly from your smartphone, without having to connect to your back office.
You will find below the summary of the improvements and updates made during the month of October 2021:

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How to create an app for Newspapers

Written by Muriel Santoni  on  Saturday 30 October 2021

The world of the press has evolved considerably in recent decades. The consumption of information is now constant, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. In the 21st century, readers need to be informed in real-time of the news on subjects that interest or concern them. And all they need is a smartphone and news apps. It's a far cry from the days when people waited impatiently for the morning press to get the latest news. 

Beyond retaining existing readers, offering an app will allow you to get new readers and therefore increase your revenues, like the famous newspaper The Guardian which explained in a 2019 report that it gets 29% of its revenues from the users of its mobile application Guardian. 
Therefore, a good news app should not be a simple news aggregator. It must be as attractive as social networks, offer high-quality content quickly, and offer new ways of monetization to its owners: you would appreciate our suggestions regarding how to make an app  easily and efficiently 

To satisfy the needs of today's consumers, as a media company, you need to build an app to broadcast your news in real-time .

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Zapier Integration for your eCommerce App

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Monday 18 October 2021

As a Shopping App owner, you know that running an online business is a lot of work. You need to deal with inventory, shipping, marketing, customer service, etc. All this usually requires to spent quite some time on a large number of small tasks. They individually may just take a few minutes, but all together, you end up wasting a lot of time. 

This is where automation comes into play. It gives you back this precious time, increases productivity, and ultimately improves the customer experience in your shop. 

While many tools are available for eCommerce automation,  Zapier is one of, if not the, most popular. 
So, good news! You can now useZapier to connect your GoodBarber eCommerce App to other services. 

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5 actions to take to promote your mobile app creation agency

Written by Christophe Spinetti  on  Monday 18 October 2021

Whether you are an experienced or a new app reseller, you're constantly looking for new clients to resell apps to. In this competitive technological world, you need to find out which target to reach first and activate the different channels that will allow you to create awareness. Here are 5 actions to take to promote your app creation agency.

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How to create your own Pickup & Delivery app

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Monday 11 October 2021

Many brick-and-mortar shops had been facing a tough situation these past few months due to the lockdowns imposed in many countries by the Covid-19. 

Groceries, Restaurants, caterers, retailers, drugstores are some example of those small businesses that had taken the right decision to move their business online. Their online shops allowed them to keep selling their products and stay in touch with their clients.

 But as we mentioned in a previous article, e-Commerce is a tough competitive market. So how can your independent business compete? By becoming your neighborhood champion and taking advantage of your actual physical location. 

By offering a fast local delivery option and a convenient in-store pickup, you provide your clients with the flexibility and convenience they need. 

With the idea in mind, GoodBarber is now offering an app builder to create a Pickup & Delivery app, with key features dedicated to boost your sales and grow your local client base. 

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Reseller offer FAQs

Written by Christophe Spinetti  on  Thursday 7 October 2021

The Reseller program is for those who want to use GoodBarber to create apps for their clients. If you are considering selling an app for the first time , read on to learn more about our program for agencies.

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What's new at GoodBarber? September 2021

Written by Mathieu Fancello  on  Wednesday 6 October 2021

This month we're releasing a new feature on our Classic platform, that our Shopping App clients are already familiar with: Universal Links and App Links.

Introduced in 2015 with iOS 9, Universal links  are Apple's method of launching apps on iOS when linked from a website. Android App Links are Google's equivalent to Apple's Universal Links.
These links are a quick and easy way to engage or re-engage users, improve retention and increase conversion.

You will find below the summary of the improvements and updates made during the month of September 2021:

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Increase user engagement and retention with Universal Links

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Tuesday 21 September 2021

Some of you may already be familiar with Universal Links and already make full use of them for their Shopping App. 
For the others, don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you. This feature is now available on your Classic App!

Read on to find out how to activate Universal Links and App Links in your GoodBarber back office or if you need a little refresher on the subject ;)

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Shopping App: optimized logistic management with our Public API

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Wednesday 15 September 2021

Your work isn’t done after your customers have completed their transactions. Now start the logistic management of these transactions. Having a seamless process allows you to stay competitive, provide a great customer experience, therefore, building loyalty and driving conversions.  

This is where our public APIs can help you unlock the power of automation. They enable you to leverage various technologies so you can improve cost-efficiency and customer experience.

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Gaining Access to the App Market - The Guide for Web and Media Agencies

Written by Christophe Spinetti  on  Friday 10 September 2021

Several years ago, advertising and marketing agencies started adding website development as the new preferred tool to promote a company's business. If there's no arguing that having a digital identity is an absolute necessity, a virtual location is becoming almost more important than a physical office, now, on top of a desktop presence, a mobile app is the new requirement. In that respect, a native mobile app counts as one of the most versatile marketing assets a business can hope for. It's the ideal medium to address clients' expectations. At the same time, thanks to app builders, it's become quite easy to create an app.

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What's new at GoodBarber? August 2021

Written by Mathieu Fancello  on  Wednesday 8 September 2021

During this month of August, our teams have mainly focused on the maintenance of our platform while taking some time off to enjoy our beautiful Corsican beaches. 
Why no new features for this month you may ask ? Well, without giving out any spoilers, we have a few big releases planned for the last quarter of the year ;)
We wanted to make sure that everyone here was well-rested and full of energy for what's coming next! So, stay tuned...

You can find below a summary of the developments and updates made for the month of August

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Agency Tips - Giving Clients Backend Access

Written by Christophe Spinetti  on  Friday 27 August 2021

As a Reseller Agency, you have the possibility to give your clients access to the back-office of the apps you have created for them. Whether it's about design, content updates, or for example sending push notifications, there are many advantages to give access to the tool to your clients (costs, speed of integration,...).


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Increase downloads with custom product pages in the new App Store.

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Tuesday 24 August 2021

At the WWDC 2021 on June 7th, Apple announced new features about iOS 15  that will affect important aspects of mobile apps and the Apple App Store, from an app marketing strategy and ASO perspective.

 Indeed, App Store Connect will soon be offering with the Custom Product pages (CPP) new capabilities for App Store’s app product pages. These will offer new opportunities to make product pages more relevant and engaging for potential new users.

Let's explore Custom Product Pages a bit further.

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Migrate your GoodBarber Android apps to Android 11

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Friday 13 August 2021

Some say it's the end of an era.

Android apps have historically been distributed as APKs. If you are not familiar with what an .apk file is, know that it is the file that is produced as the result of the development of your app. Android Package Kit (APK) is the file format used to distribute and install apps and make them work on Android devices. 

Google announced at the beginning of the summer that the AAB format will now replace the APK (Android Package).

"From August 2021, new apps will have to be published using the Android App Bundle format and meet the target API level 30 (Android 11)."

Let's dig a bit deeper into what's new with Android 11 and how it impacts your GoodBarber Android app. 

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