Marie Pireddu, Sunday 25 December 2022

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays and warm wishes from the very merry team at GoodBarber!     
Christophe Spinetti, Friday 23 December 2022

5 things our Resellers learned in 2022

It's time to review the year-end results for mobile app resellers. The activity of app sales is very strong and the demand is there. That's why we take advantage of this busy year to summarize the lessons learned by resellers. Of course, don't hesitate to use these best practices as inspiration for your 2023 strategy.
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 21 December 2022

The best of 2022 and a peek a what's coming in 2023

As the year comes to a close, it is time to reflect on the past 12 months and all that has happened. 2022 has been a year filled with challenges but it's also been a year of growth and adaptation. In this last blog post, let's take a look back at some of the highlights of the year, and share some thoughts on what's to come in 2023.
Muriel Santoni, Tuesday 13 December 2022

How to create an app to manage your appointment bookings?

If you manage a service company, you probably know how tedious managing customer appointments can be: you have to answer the phone, agree on a date with the customer, and put it on your calendar, all the while being careful not to make any mistakes... In short, it is a time-consuming and sensitive task because mistakes in scheduling appointments can considerably impact your organization and create friction among your customers. As you can see, the solution that allows you to gain time and reliability is to create an app to manage your appointment scheduling. Offering an online appointment booking service via an app has huge advantages for your customers, and consequently allows you to stand out from the competition. With an app, your customers can book appointments 24/7. No need to wait for your opening hours, they can choose their slot at any time of the day or night. They also gain autonomy and you gain time: your calendar and your available slots are displayed, so your customers can choose the one that suits them best without having to discuss it with anyone. Everyone wins: your clients have immediate access to the information they are interested in and can choose their slot quietly and without pressure. On your side, you drastically reduce the number of phone calls you will receive and therefore interruptions in your working day. The ability to book appointments online has become a major argument for many consumers to choose their service providers. It is a feature that will give your business a modern image and will definitely help you in its development.  
Marie Pireddu, Friday 9 December 2022

App Store Connect remains open during the holiday season

Good news! Once again, Apple won’t be closing down the App Store to developer submissions over the holidays, as it has in previous years.  "The busiest season on the App Store is almost here! Make sure your apps and product pages are up to date and ready in advance of the upcoming holidays. We’re pleased to remain open throughout the season again this year and look forward to accepting your submissions. On average, 90% of submissions are reviewed in less than 24 hours. However, reviews may take a bit longer to complete from December 23 to 27."  This will be the second year Apple has kept the App Store Connect platform open through the holiday season. For example, last year, App Store Connect was closed from December 23rd to December 27th.  This is great news for developers who can keep submitting new apps or updates.  However, Apple does warn that during this busy time, reviews might take longer.  For your GoodBarber iOS app, we do recommend having your app ready for submission before December 23rd to avoid any delays in your publication.  This applies to apps distributed to the general public on the App Store, and to Custom Apps distributed via Apple Business Manager. If your iOS app is distributed internally outside of the App Store via an Enterprise account, this has no impact on you   
Mathieu Poli, Wednesday 7 December 2022

What's new at GoodBarber? November 2022

This month no jealousy! We worked on two features, one for eCommerce apps and one for content apps.  For eCommerce apps, we have improved the functionality of your catalog by adding a major option: the display of out-of-stock products. This option can allow you to show the extent of your catalog references to your customers even if your stock is momentarily unavailable, or even to enhance the success of one or more products while waiting for a restocking. If you plan to restock these products, keeping them displayed in your catalog can be a good business strategy to keep your customers coming back to your store.  For content apps, it's a new and much-anticipated feature that we're pleased to introduce: the Appointment Booking extension ! This option works in sync with Google Calendar. You can connect one or more of your Google calendars and use them to manage your appointments.  You will find below the summary of the developments and updates made during the month of November 2022:
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 30 November 2022

What to expect when building your own app without coding

You decided to proceed to create an app with a No Code App builder: do you know exactly what you’re getting from ? Find here some tracks to better assess the advantages of your choice.
Ghjuvan Simeoni, Friday 25 November 2022

Agency Spotlight: Dapper Mobile Apps

For this month's agency spotlight, we interviewed Dan Hafner, founder of Dapper Mobile Apps. An Agency providing small and online businesses access to mobile and web-app technology.
Marie Pireddu, Monday 21 November 2022

How to win back your lost Black Friday and Cyber Monday customers with abandoned cart emails?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner. These two shopping extravaganzas regularly bring record numbers. Black Friday raked in $8.9 billion in 2021, while Cyber Monday hit $10.7 billion, according to data from Adobe Analytics, with Cyber Monday claiming the top spot when it comes to e-commerce spending.  With your GoodBarber eCommerce app, you are well-equipped to make this weekend a success. If you’re still looking for some tips to optimize your strategy for these special sales, you can our tips in this article.    However, as you may know, abandoned carts will still be numerous. Indeed, cart abandonment is a prevalent issue for eCommerce businesses. According to SalesCycle, The shopping cart abandonment for Black Friday 2021 was 76.63%. As for Cyber Monday 2021, the rate was 80.25%.   But no worries, you can easily win back customers thanks to abandoned cart emails and/or push notifications.   
Muriel Santoni, Thursday 17 November 2022

Integrate an appointment booking tool into your app

The possibility to consult a calendar and make appointments online is a key option for your future clients or patients who aspire to have maximum convenience and flexibility. They will be able to save time and avoid any frustration since they will be able to consult your calendar themselves and choose the date and time that suits them best. No more phone calls, your availability is displayed according to your specifications.  The experience of your customers will be greatly improved, as well as your peace of mind since, as we will see below, the Appointment Booking feature has been designed to avoid any friction or calendar errors. It's a win-win situation.  Let's see how it all works. 
Muriel Santoni, Monday 14 November 2022

How to create an app for an non-profit association or a political organization

One of the major issues for a non-profit association or a political organization is certainly communication. Indeed, it is essential for this type of structure to implement effective, easy to execute and especially inexpensive strategies. When we are at the head of an association, our ambition is to rally a maximum of people to the cause that drives us, but also to organize the life of the structure and to retain the existing members. These are several objectives that can be difficult to achieve if you don't have the necessary means and teams. If you are in this situation, creating an app for an association or a political organization can definitely be an ideal solution to allow you to spread the word about your cause and organize the life of your organization without having to invest too much time and money. 
Muriel Santoni, Wednesday 9 November 2022

Out of stock: display your unavailable products in your store

In your store, some of your products may be out of stock. Until now, products with 0 stock (for all its variants) were automatically removed from the list of your products in your app.  Now you have the possibility to keep the display of out-of-stock products in your catalog by adding an "Out of stock" mention. This option can allow you to show the extent of your catalog to your customers even if your stock is momentarily unavailable or even to enhance the success of one or more products while waiting for a restocking. If you plan to restock these products, keeping them displayed in your catalog can be a good business strategy to encourage your customers to come back to your store.  So let's see how to activate this new option right away. 
Muriel Santoni, Friday 4 November 2022

Modernize your article lists with the new immersive template

As you know, at GoodBarber we strongly believe that design and the experience delivered to your users contributes to your success. Whether you own content apps or eCommerce, you probably use an Articles or Blog section. So we have good news for you!  Until now you had the possibility to choose between 8 different templates for your article listings. These templates allow you to highlight your content whatever your domain. Lists, images more or less highlighted, there was already an abundance of choice.
Mathieu Poli, Wednesday 2 November 2022

What's new at GoodBarber? October 2022

This month we offer you a new design element that will give a new life to your Articles and Blog sections: the Immersive Design template. It's a very visual full screen template, which allows you to give a maximum of power to your readers: comments, bookmarks, sharing options, your users will be able to perform all these actions directly from the list of your articles. You will find below the summary of developments and updates made during the month of October 2022:  
Ghjuvan Simeoni, Wednesday 2 November 2022

Agency Tips - What if my Clients Need Custom Features?

Relying on an App Builder to sell mobile applications allows you to offer very competitive rates while saving time, having the necessary flexibility to meeting the demand of your clients. However, when relying on a generic tool, you can expect some limitations related to tailor-made development. Hence the importance of asking yourself the right questions before choosing an app builder  among all the available tools. Indeed, it is crucial to study the possibilities and opportunities in terms of customization and purposes to meet your client’s needs. GoodBarber offers a few options depending on your needs and skills. Let’s take a closer look:  
Angelina Casanova, Friday 28 October 2022

How to create an Internal Communication app for your employees

Creating an Employees Communication app is a great way to meet the needs of employees and facilitate internal communication within a company, enhancing general involvement and better cohesion within your team.
Marie Pireddu, Friday 7 October 2022

Delivery by radius to increase local sales

Adding a local delivery option to your online store has multiple benefits. While in-store shopping can be a hassle that many shoppers prefer to avoid all together, and large shipping companies are experiencing backlogs and shipping times that are much longer than they used to be, local deliveries provide a solution to both issues. Local delivery helps create a personalized brand experience. Customers who shop locally appreciate the personal experience and local delivery is a cost-effective way to do that. You'll find below insights to succeed at local delivery and how to set up the new local delivery option in your GoodBarber app: Delivery by radius 
Mathieu Poli, Wednesday 5 October 2022

What's new at GoodBarber? September 2022

This month we have two new features for you: The new "Element Style " menu for Classic apps: From this menu, you can modernize the design of your app by applying rounded shapes to widgets and sections. You will have the choice between 3 options: square, rounded and round. Stripe Extended for Shopping Apps: you can now offer iDeal, Giropay, and 5 other new payment methods in your eCommerce app. You will find below the summary of the developments and updates made during the month of September 2022:
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 28 September 2022

How to create a worship or faith-based app

Beliefs no longer have the same place as they used to, and religious affiliation has considerably decreased over the last few decades. Nevertheless, we have noticed a return to spirituality for a few years now: religious or not, beliefs are slowly finding their place in people's hearts. If religion sometimes appears as the enemy of modernity, this is not really the case. For a few years now, mobile apps have been aiming at modernizing religious practices, and are in line with their time by using the current codes of digital media. These apps aim to accompany users in their religious practices and in their faith while speaking the language of the 21st century. Creating a religious or spiritual app can be the ideal solution to allow your community to cross the ages by using the most adapted communication tools.
Christophe Spinetti, Friday 23 September 2022

Resellers: 10 industries to target with your mobile app reseller agency

The GoodBarber app creation platform offers a lot of different features, so you can target a whole bunch of prospects. Moreover, thanks to the extension store, you will have the possibility to add interesting options to your apps. All in all, there are more than 500 features that cover the needs of your customers. If you don't know which sector to target first, we give you a list of sectors to consider first.
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 21 September 2022

Design update: new Elements Style menu

We never say it enough: ​your app design plays a vital role in the success of your app.  Of course, features, performance, and the concept itself are extremely important for a mobile app to catch its users’ eyes and succeed. However, the first thing that a user notices, after launching an app, is its design. The design of your mobile application makes the first impression. And if the design is not attractive, guess what? The user will go look for another app. Lucky for you, GoodBarber's designers are always developing new themes or updating templates, staying on top of the latest design trends to modernize the look of your apps.  One of our latest projects is GoodBarber Design System. This is a large project and you will hear more about it soon ;) Stay tuned! In the meantime, we're releasing new design elements that will modernize your beautiful apps: a new Elements Style menu and the round effect on thumbnails and cells.   
Angelina Casanova, Monday 19 September 2022

How to create an app for an event

How to create your event app : it's a straightforward 4-steps process to create an app for your events. Find how to make your event a lasting and memorable concept with an app.
Marie Pireddu, Friday 16 September 2022

3 reasons you should regularly update your app on the Stores

You took the leap, and created and launched a beautiful mobile app. Well done! Now all your work is done and you can sit back, relax, and let the app do its work to gain you, customers, build loyalty, and increase sales. Right? Well..... No. The work has just begun, actually. Your mobile app is only as good as its latest version, which means you need regular updates to keep your app “fresh” and relevant. Let's see the three main reasons to update your app: 
Mathieu Poli, Wednesday 14 September 2022

What's new at GoodBarber? August 2022

This month, among other developments, we developed a feature that touches on a topic that is crucial to the profitability of content apps: monetization. If you use integrated advertising via external ad networks, you'll be happy to know that you can now use AdMob Mediation. This will allow you to manage all your ad sources in one place. With just a few clicks you can manage and optimize all your ads.  You will find below the summary of the developments and updates made during the month of August 2022: