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Pierre-Jacques Patrizi, Tuesday 22 November 2011

Native Application vs. HTML5

What’s the future for native mobile applications? Will HTML5 replace native applications? Which would you prefer to use when you’ve decided to position yourself on mobiles? It’s been an ongoing debate in the community of developers for a long time. In order to address both sides of the discussion, we intend to answer to the following questions: What distinguishes the two technologies? What are their respective advantages and disadvantages?
Dumè Siacci, Monday 14 November 2011

Create a Native App in Less Than 5 Minutes!

We’ve designed GoodBarber to be very user-friendly. You’re able to create your own native app in less than 5 minutes. Here’s proof with the iOS application of the TechBaguette blog! When we started thinking about GoodBarber, we wanted to create a powerful app maker that would allow as much customization of your mobile application as you wish. But we also made sure it would be very simple to use. In fact, it’s so simple that you can create a native app in less than 5 minutes! Thanks to Roxanne Varza, of TechBaguette, who put us to the challenge. There’s proof!
Dumè Siacci, Monday 7 November 2011

Technical Support: Our Team is Here to Help!

We strive to deliver a user friendly experience and make the GoodBarber platform as easy to use as possible. If you follow the key steps to creating your app, creating your app can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. However, should you encounter any technical problems, our Support team is happy to help. Read on to see how you can get in touch with us, directly from the back office of your GoodBarber app.