Jerome Granados, Monday 11 March 2013

Download our iBook for free

Beautiful Apps - iPhone Android - by GoodBarber. This is the title of our first iBook. It has just been published on the iBook Store. Download it for free  and you'll discover all the great features GoodBarber has to offer.
Lesia PIETRI, Thursday 28 February 2013

GoodBarber Theme : Play!

Play! is one of the 50+ themes available in your GoodBarber backend. Use it as a starting point to create your Beautiful App  .
Dumè Siacci, Wednesday 13 February 2013

GoodBarber for radio stations

Le Radio show ended yesterday in Paris. These three days have been an opportunity for us to gather lots of ideas to improve GoodBarber, in order to make it the best solution for creating mobile applications for radio stations. This is also an opportunity to review the features available with GoodBarber for radios. Please note: we'll update this blog post as we go along so don't mind the publication date ;)
Jerome Granados, Wednesday 6 February 2013

Unify your web presence in one Beautiful App

GoodBarber has developped 25 connectors (and counting) to retrieve your articles, photos, videos, events, sounds, tweets, …well, you get the idea :) Use them to put all your content at your users's fingertips. The idea is simple. From your backend, different sections can be created in your app. Each section corresponds to a type of content. Behind each section is linked a source.  Here is the list of the supported external services. Keep in mind that this list is growing.
Jerome Granados, Friday 1 February 2013

GoodBarber theme: Wedding

Wedding is one of the 50+ themes available in your GoodBarber backend. Use it as a starting point to create your Beautiful App.  
Jerome Granados, Thursday 24 January 2013

GoodBarber theme: Blow

Bloggers, this theme is for you. Use it to unify your web presence. It was especially crafted for those publishing a high volume of content : news, videos, photos, podcasts, etc. Looking at the root view, you see that our designer chose a tab bar for the navigation.  But you notice that Blow has also a sub-navigation, with a "circle band", at the top of the screen. Very useful to offer a clear navigation among a lot of content. In the detailed view, the tool bar is at the bottom. Select the option you want to propose. In this exemple, comments, sharing, font size and add to faves are enable. Blow is one of the 50+ themes available in your GoodBarber backend. Use it as a starting point to create your Beautiful App .
Jerome Granados, Friday 21 December 2012

GoodBarber 2: the first update

It's been exactly once week now, since we have widely opened GoodBarber 2 beta to the public. We are very exited because, everyday, many of you try it and give their feedback. It helps us to speed up the pace to stabilize GoodBarber 2, so that it is rolled out earlier than expected. Thanks to your experienced tests, we were able to publish last tuesday the first update of GoodBarber 2. Here is the changelog of what's new :
Dumè Siacci, Thursday 13 December 2012

Beta begins today!

Hello GoodBarbers! It's been a long wait but now ... time has come :) In a few clicks, you will be able to test GoodBarber V2. This edition is called "Beautiful Apps" because we focused like no other on design. We hope you will enjoy the brand new back end, and get the inspiration to create the app that stands out from the crowd. Before you start, keep in mind that GB V2 is still in beta. We look forward to reading your feedback. Now, let's have fun and create your first Beautiful App ! Enjoy ;) The GoodBarber Team
Dumè Siacci, Wednesday 5 December 2012

Goodbarber V2 : Let's demo Beautiful Apps

We know that those of you who have registered for the Beta Goodbarber V2 can't wait to try it out. But be aware that it's just as unbearable for the whole team because we really look forward to your first impressions! So to help you you while waiting, we offer those 2 videos of demo made ​​by our friend FredZone one introducing the applications, the other one the backoffice. Here is also a link to article showing GoodBarber among other projects announced at Web'12. Hoping to whet your appetite,  Rendez-vous at the opening of the BETA. Just few more days to go :)
Jerome Granados, Monday 19 November 2012

The new GoodBarber is out! Request an invite

As discussed with many of you during the GoodBarber Summer Tour 2012, by the end of this year, GoodBarber will be pushed to the next level ! Today, we open the private beta of GoodBarber #V2. You can request an invite from this page to participate in : Time has come to create Beautiful Apps ;)
Ghjancarlu Simeoni, Friday 20 July 2012

A GoodBarber plug-in for SPIP

GoodBarber now has a plug-in for users of the Content Management System (CMS) SPIP. This plug-in%28computing%29 , when installed on your server, allows you to generate a pro forma XML feed. You specify the source stream in your GoodBarber back office. Import your site contents to your mobile application, and provide an improved user experience compared to a standard RSS feed.
Written on Monday 21 May 2012

Candidates, Elected Representatives: Your Essential Mobile Applications

With the various 2012 elections, GoodBarber has strengthened its status as the mobile solution for public figures. Several politicians are now using our service to ensure their presence in the App Store, Google Play, or Windows Marketplace. To ensure their mobile presence, Jean-Pierre Chèvenement (Senator, former Minister) and Paul Giacobbi (MP, Chairman of the Executive Council of Corsica) have been using our service for a long time. They also use WMaker, Goodbarber’s sister service for the web.
Ghjancarlu Simeoni, Friday 30 March 2012

Twitter On Your App

Enhance your application with your tweets, and allow your readers to reply or retweet you directly from your application. Our goal is to enable you to combine all of your content sources in one single application, and to offer an exciting and unique experience for your readers. Integrating Twitter with GoodBarber was planned on our roadmap . For several days, your back office Sources page has included a space for Twitter. It’s extremely simple: you have to click twice. Your live thread is displayed on the application, and the “Reply” and “Retweet” options are available.
Ghjancarlu Simeoni, Thursday 29 March 2012

Broadcast Your Dailymotion Channel On Mobile Devices

As promised, GoodBarber is enhanced with new content sources. In terms of video, your Dailymotion channels and playlists can now be connected to your application. It functions the same as YouTube in the GoodBarber back office. Enter the name of your Dailymotion channel on the Sources page. GoodBarber will recognize it and ask you either to import all videos, or import one or more of your playlists. If you select the playlists, you can connect as many as you like by pairing each playlist with a navigation tab located on your tab bar. Your application can keep your videos on a single tab with your other content sources and even become a real “video app.”
Ghjancarlu Simeoni, Wednesday 28 March 2012

Retina Power

Since the end of last week, the iPad apps that you configure with GoodBarber are up to Retina Display standard. We had announced it last Thursday in our blog. Since Friday, your GoodBarber apps have an optimized display for every version of the iPad, even the new iPad with Retina display.
Ghjancarlu Simeoni, Thursday 22 March 2012

Your GoodBarber Apps And The New iPad

Conscious to closely follow market developments and benefit you to the greatest degree, an iOS update is coming soon so that your apps are up-to-date with the new iPad. We’ve been on the starting blocks since March 7th, and even before. If you follow us on Twitter, you’ve probably seen photos of the new model that we received last Friday. We were eager to test GoodBarber apps on the new iPad, but not without some anxiety. Display problems can always be a possibility, especially in the case of a version with a doubled screen resolution. Pleasant surprise, GoodBarber apps remain stable on the new iPad, but we will make quick adjustments to our system so that you are able to take full advantage of the Retina Display. We will allow GoodBarber users to load images that are twice as big. And you will all benefit from a free update for your iOS app, so that you can bring your apps to new iPad’s level. We will talk to you about it again soon.
Ghjancarlu Simeoni, Wednesday 7 March 2012

Android Market Integrated With Google Play

Google has announced the launch of Google Play, a platform that unifies apps, books, music and movies. A few hours before the announcement of Apple’s iPad 3 Keynote, Google launches its iTunes killer. Google Play is an “integrated destination” for mobile applications, books, music and movies, accessible from all Android devices or the Internet. The Android Market, familiar to Android device users, disappears, giving way to Play Store - one of the four components of the Google Play platform. Google Music becomes Play Music, Google Books becomes Play Books, and Google Movies becomes Play Movies.
Ghjancarlu Simeoni, Thursday 23 February 2012

Trends in Mobile Traffic by 2016 According to Cisco

An article published on on February 14th, echos a study published by Cisco on the same day: Cisco expects an explosive growth of mobile Internet traffic via moblie devices. In 2016, 10 billion mobile devices are expected to be connected to the net for 7.3 billion people. In a study on trends in mobile data traffic , Cisco identified 10 main trends. Cisco anticipates a monthly traffic volume of 10.8 exabytes in 2016. There have been 0.6 billion exabytes in 2011, and should be 1.3 billion in 2012. Traffic will be multiplied by 18 between 2011 and 2016; and by 2 between 2011 and 2012. The growth rate of traffic data was higher than expected in 2011. At the end of 2012, the number of mobile devices connected to the Internet exceeded the number of people in the world. In 2016, the ratio between the number of connected mobile devices and world population will be 1.4. Of the 10 trends described by Cisco, three of them particularly characterize the mobile market in our view.
Dumè Siacci, Friday 17 February 2012

GoodBarber’s Roadmap: From V1.0 to V1.4

As promised a few weeks ago, here is the development plan that we’re bringing to GoodBarber. What you can expect: new content and design features, an interface with advanced customization for agencies, and the integration of new social features. There will be two major phases in 2012. Starting now, and until May, there will be a monthly growth: GoodBarber will evolve from the current V1.0 to V1.4. During the second half of 2012, we’ll start moving toward an ambitious V2.0, which we will discuss in due time. The evolution toward V1.4 will keep us busy during the next few months. The changes will focus on content (V1.1) and design (V1.2) features, advanced customization for agencies (V1.3), and social features (V1.4).
Written on Sunday 8 January 2012

Swelen is a New Ad Server On Your Monetization Menu

We’ve recently made GoodBarber compatible with a new ad server called Swelen. For those who are less familiar with the terminology, an ad server isn’t an ad network. Ad serving is a technology that stores and distributes advertisements. Different mobile ad networks use ad servers. Swelen allows the distribution of interactive media ads such as video interstitials, or interactive advertisements (holograms, etc.). Swelen also differentiates itself from other ad servers by offering a decentralized, social approach in order to link advertisers, publishers and advertising networks. In terms of innovative solutions, Swelen offers an “in-banner” format for video streaming. The application user does not have to quit the application to view the advertising content. For more information about Swelen, you can visit their website, and read the article that TechCrunch France wrote in 2011 or see them in the CrunchBase.