The Easiest Way to Create an Events Calendar

blog_write_no_author  Friday 19 June 2015

My Beautiful GoodBarbers... I know it's June, and Christmas is far away, but it's always time for presents. Isn't it?

This summer is so full of surprises—Santa really has his work cut out for him :)

But for now, let's just focus on today and see what GoodBarber has just released for you.

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The Success Story of a Country Manager

Written by Muriel Santoni  on  Wednesday 17 June 2015

Today is a special day for the GoodBarber marks the two-year anniversary of Arianna joining the team, and we can say that she has come quite a long way since her arrival...farther than she ever expected!

Flashback to June 17, 2013!

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Internet-free Apps

Written by GoodBarber Team  on  Monday 15 June 2015

A lot of GoodBarber users ask us the question: Can I create an app that can be used without Internet? This can be a great asset for people targeting users in locations around the world with little or unreliable internet sources, or just for anybody who knows the struggle of a faulty connection.

The answer is yes and no. One of the many wonderful things about native applications as opposed to web apps is their increased accessibility. Without internet, viewing the mobile version of an app in a browser is quite difficult. Native apps have a much better chance of being used in non-internet zones, but there are restrictions that must be kept in mind. We will give you all the info you need to know on your constraints specifically within the GoodBarber platform, and some tricks you can use to get around these limitations in certain cases!

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New Beautiful Templates for your App!

blog_write_no_author  Friday 12 June 2015

Today is a great day at GoodBarber!!!
We just got back from the MIDEM festival and are ready to present two new, amazing templates to give your apps a little twist.

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Bruno Langlois/Pikes Peak 2015

Written by Muriel Santoni  on  Thursday 11 June 2015

Today I would like to introduce Bruno Langlois , the GoodBarber family's cousin.

Bruno is a motorcyle driver who will very soon be competing in Pikes Peak , one of the most prestigious races in the US. 

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#MIDEM 2015

Written by Muriel Santoni  on  Wednesday 10 June 2015

MIDEM 2015 has come to an end...we've seen and heard a lot over the past four days!

Between conferences, contests, meeting artists, producers, and other members of the industry, I must say that very little rest was involved! But overall it was very beneficial for GoodBarber, as we were able to immerse ourselves in the music world and gain a full understanding of industry's progression, its challenges, and most importantly, its needs.

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Video Tutorial: Maps Section

Written by GoodBarber Team  on  Tuesday 9 June 2015

One of the most popular and useful tools of the platform is the Map section. You can use it to generate geolocated directories containing businesses, products, services, etc. by either creating your own customized map section (if you have the skills!) or utilizing the mCMS option, which is what we focus on in this tutorial. 


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Does anyone talk on the phone anymore?

Written by Arianna Testi  on  Monday 8 June 2015

Exactly one year ago this video was posted on YouTube and began its viral tour on social networks.
Isn't it strange that the first reaction of those who saw the video "condemning" the use of internet and social networks was to share it with their followers?

Maybe...or maybe not!
Are we really sure that internet, smartphones, chats and social networks are making our lives sadder and lonelier? Are they really causing us to waste our lives away and miss out on opportunities?

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GoodBarber @ MIDEM 2015

Written by Muriel Santoni  on  Thursday 4 June 2015

Today is the day, part of our team is taking off this morning for Cannes, to participate in the famous Music Industry Festival: MIDEM!

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Apps & The Music Industry

Written by Muriel Santoni  on  Monday 1 June 2015

With the ongoing development of new technology such as streaming, the music industry has undergone many changes over the past several years. Although it wasn't given much of a chance in the early 2000's, we realize today that it has demonstrated flexibility and creativity to adapt to the new standards, particularly in terms of digitalization and gradual disappearance of physical music media. 

The music market consists of participants that differ greatly from one another, with both varying and common needs. Today, I decided to show you how apps are an indispensable part of the music industry's digital evolution. Skeptical? Put yourself in the place of four types of music industry players for a more complete perspective: artists, radio stations, those in charge of events/festivals, and producers.

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Meet the GoodBarber team in Lisbon, we're hiring iOS and Android developers!

Written by Dumè Siacci  on  Sunday 24 May 2015

Part of the team will be in Lisbon, Portugal from June 3rd to June 5th. We'll be attending the Lisbon Investment Summit , which is expected to be a great event.

We'll also have some free time and we would love to meet some great developers ready to join our team.
Interested in being one of them? Take a look at our open positions, and contact us if you would like to meet up.

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New App Analytics by Apple

Written by GoodBarber Team  on  Thursday 21 May 2015

If you have an Apple Developer account, you should have received an email announcing the release of the new App Analytics available at no additional cost in your iTunes Connect account. 

Devices operating with iOS 8 or later will be able to agree to send information on their app usage to Apple, who will generate reports concerning the user engagement, marketing campaigns, and monetization of your app. 

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Video Tutorial: Organizing CMS Content

Written by GoodBarber Team  on  Wednesday 20 May 2015

A lot of people don't realize the extent of all they can do with the GoodBarber platform, but we are here to give you some insight into the possibilities. This tutorial will provide some ideas on content organization—if you like the layout and appearance of the GoodBarber News app (check it out if you haven't!) you can create something similar by following this quick guide. 


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2014 Mobile Advertising Report

Written by GoodBarber Team  on  Tuesday 19 May 2015

To advertise or not to advertise? This is a common question that many GoodBarbers have, due to the ongoing debate regarding whether or not the money earned is worth the compromised user experience many believe to occur.

There is a definite line between effective and obnoxious when it comes to mobile advertising, but if you can manage to incorporate ads in a tasteful way there is certainly an opportunity for profit, which is apparent in the spike in mobile advertising revenues seen over the past year.

The following is a summary of the results and trends seen in the mobile advertising industry intended to guide and help you make advertising a successful part of your strategy.

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6 Tips to Increase Customer Conversion Rate

Written by Catarina Crespo  on  Thursday 14 May 2015

Convincing someone to buy your product is no easy feat, especially for brand new products that have little to no visibility in the market. If you are currently struggling with this dilemma, fear not—there are many things you can do to increase conversion rate and gain new clients. Today we are offering 6 simple tips for your marketing strategy that will help increase customer conversions and boost your sales according to the most popular theory in the marketing psychology field: Cialdini's Six Principles of Influence.

Influence is all about psychology.

Through many experimental studies, Robert Cialdini , a highly respected psychologist and psychology/marketing professor, found the 6 principles of influence that have helped many brands to understand the mind and strengthen their strategies according to high-potential sources of influence. Take a look at his findings and consider applying the Cialdini principles of influence to your marketing strategy.

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3 Key Steps for Increasing Employee Engagement

Written by Muriel Santoni  on  Monday 11 May 2015

Employee engagement has been a highly talked about topic over the past few years. Enterprises have an increasing need for a solid employee base that fits in with the company culture in order to get the maximum value out of each position and provide end users with an optimal experience.

The question of the day is: how can this engagement be brought about, and more importantly, be retained? 

I'm going to share with you some of the most important keys to obtaining employee engagement, and even a tool that will allow you to set this up (you guessed it—it's a mobile app!)
However this application is an internal one (which means it's not available to the public), that will be used specifically by and for your employees.

First it's important to understand what your employees are looking for and how you can best respond to their needs by using a simple app.

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#Salon des Blogueurs de Voyage 2015

Written by Muriel Santoni  on  Thursday 7 May 2015

As you know, this year we were partners and exhibitors at the Salon des Blogueurs de Voyage.

The event took place in our city, Ajaccio, and it was a great opportunity to meet a community that we really appreciate: the bloggers...

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#CollisionConf 2015

Written by GoodBarber Team  on  Wednesday 6 May 2015

Our time in Las Vegas has finally come to an end; the Collision conference surpassed our expectations and the city was amazing! It was definitely a memorable week.

The past two days were filled with attending impressive presentations, meeting other startups, discovering the hottest breakthrough trends throughout the world, and getting inspiration for the future of GoodBarber!

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[Video Tutorial] How to connect my app to third party advertising services

Written by Laura Mas  on  Wednesday 6 May 2015

Hi GoodBarbers!

Today we are going to show you one of the opportunities our platform offers to monetize your app: advertisements. Sell space in your app to advertisers and watch your revenue quickly increase!
In addition to being able to create your own ads in your back office, you can also connect your app to a third party advertising service, so you don't have to worry about dealing with advertisers.

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to enable the advertisement options in your back office from the Add-Ons store and how to connect those services to your app. To give you a practical example, in the video we show you the process of connecting Admob. However, you'll have the opportunity to implement ads from different services, such as Mobpartner, Swelen or dfp, amongst others.

Moreover, GoodBarber allows you to define the platform (Android smartphones, iPad, etc) in which your ads will be displayed, as well as the order of your campaigns.


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GoodBarber @ the Collision Conf in Las Vegas

Written by Muriel Santoni  on  Tuesday 5 May 2015

Welcome in ... Las Vegas !

Here we go for two intense days, but our team is well prepared ;)

Lesia Pietri , Jérôme Granados and Ali Soroka will be on place to proudly represent GoodBarber and we are looking forward to meeting a lot of amazing people...

See you! 

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Empower the social features of your app adding the new "User Group" Add-On

blog_write_no_author  Monday 4 May 2015

GoodBarber has born like a powerful and beautiful CMS system to create native applications . The app market grows every day faster and GoodBarber does it as well. Delivering good content is not enough anymore, you need people interacting with it, spreading your words... Feeling yourself attached to an app is very difficult, but the probability of becoming faithful can increase if the user can have a special and dedicated place for him self inside the app. And so here we are...

Less then one month ago I've presented to you the new and very awaited in-app login feature, that enables the app users to create their own profile, with photo and details, and to the app's owner to restrict the app access to the only registered users. 
That was our first step into the social apps world and today I'm here to present you the second one. :)

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M-commerce: The Power Extension of E-commerce

blog_write_no_author  Thursday 30 April 2015

Are you considering m-commerce for your business? Whether you’re not completely sold on the fact that m-commerce is necessary, or you’re unsure on how to go about forming an m-commerce strategy, it’s important to start by understanding this new way to buy. Just like transitioning from a desktop product to mobile is an adjustment, the evolution from e-commerce to m-commerce implies a few changes, to be profitable.

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Top 5 Errors to be avoided for your Engagement Strategy

Written by Muriel Santoni  on  Tuesday 28 April 2015

Engagement is an essential part of the customer relation. Years ago, the consumers were simply absorbing advertising but those days are gone.

As nowadays the credo is "customer comes first", his behavior has a huge impact on brand reputation. In today's world, a lot of commercial information are displayed, but the time dedicated to purchases is decreasing. Consumers can filter the information they receive, and choose the ones they really want to see. This process brings us to the following observation: if your communication is not attractive, it will not have any impact on your consumers, because they will not even see it.

To overcome that obstacle, and give your message a chance to be heard, there are only two words to say: Consumer Engagement.


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3 Ideas for Low-Cost Communication

blog_write_no_author  Monday 20 April 2015

You've created your business—now it's time to start your communication strategy! But how can you reach your target without going down the very expensive route of external consulting? Here is what to do.

Firstly you should reflect on exactly what it is you are offering (your product or service). Get to realistically know the sector you're working in, without only concentrating strictly on what you offer, and without thinking that your competitors are superior. Then, put yourself in the minds of your clients (before creating your enterprise you probably figured out who your target audience is): What do I think? Am I surprised (positively) by this product?  What are the strengths and weaknesses of this product/service? How would I prefer to buy? To be contacted?
From asking yourself these questions you will gather a lot of information that will give you an idea of what the best strategy is for your brand.

The possibilities are endless: you can work with SEO, AdWords campaigns, blogs, use an app and taking advantage of push notifications, use a guerilla marketing strategy, send newsletters, concentrate on social networks, create campaigns and competitions on social media, etc. You can improve yourself in many aspects, by using different tools, even open source (and free) and communicate via different channels.

Today, I will speak about three strategies that are quite attainable—even with a budget close to nothing. In the long term, they will allow you to increase your internet traffic, gain the loyalty of your community, and simultaneously improve your reputation amongst your prospects and clients. 

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