Trends to Look for in the Mobile Advertising Industry

Written by Pritam Barhate  on  Thursday 3 September 2015

eMarketer predicted that in 2016, mobile advertising will hit a milestone with $101.37 billion spent on mobile ads. In 2014, mobile ad revenue was $42.63 billion with digital advertisements accounting for 29.4%. In 2016, this percentage will rise to 51.1% of total mobile ad spending.
These numbers exemplify the ever-changing trends in the mobile advertising industry. By the end of the year, mobile ad spending is expected to reach $68 billion with digital ads accounting for around 40%. A few years back this seemed impossible, but with the large global increase in mobile users, companies have started investing in mobile advertising.
This global revolution is bringing new trends to the market. Let's have a look at some of the future trends we expect to see in the mobile advertising industry.

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How to publish an update on the Apple Store?

Written by João Marcelo Martins  on  Tuesday 1 September 2015

Sometimes updating your app on the App Store can be a hassle, so we decided it was time for us to create a quick and simple guide to walk you through this process and help guarantee the success of your app! 😄

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From Brazil to Corsica (with some stops on the way)

Written by João Marcelo Martins  on  Friday 28 August 2015

Hello GoodBarbers!
I’m João Marcelo and just joined GoodBarber to take care of and be the Community Manager for the Portuguese speaking markets.

I’m a southern Brazilian guy that has always been eager to discover what every corner of the world is like. Right after I got my Bachelors in International Relations (with a focus on Marketing and Business) I decided it was time to take the challenge to the next level, so I moved to the Czech Republic to be part of the international expansion team in a video production startup.

After almost a year there, I moved to Berlin to explore the new, young and innovative environment of the city. And, I must say, being in such a fast paced and creative place, changed the way I see business - for the better!

On this entrepreneurial journey I got to know GoodBarber and the great challenge that was ahead of me in Corsica. Being a marketing and people lover, I’ll make all the effort needed to make our users and the company grow.

So I invite you to take part on this new journey, and let's make some Beautiful Apps!

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The best features for a Mobile Native App

blog_write_no_author  Thursday 27 August 2015

Hey GoodBarbers, 

Summer is close to its end, days are getting shorter and colder, and flashbacks of the happy summer nights are coming back to our minds as a Beautiful Movie.

Even for us it's time to take a moment to look back on all that has been done, and enjoy all the beautiful features released this year :)

Ready to start?

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Bringing Some Miami Spice...

Written by Tina Test  on  Friday 21 August 2015

Hello Goodbarbers,


My name is Tina Michele Acevedo and I am the new Customer Care Manager for the Spanish speaking markets. I come to you all the way from Miami, Florida.


I studied and worked in New York City for many years and I gladly waved goodbye to it all to be a part of the GoodBarber team! I studied design and communications in school. In the past, I have worked in communications, content development, and community management for a variety of organizations that range from art galleries to start-ups and I am hoping to contribute the knowledge I’ve accumulated, to GoodBarber. In my last position at a start-up, I discovered my love of finding innovative and fun ways to guide users on how to use technology.


Some interesting facts about me: I am a published writer and I have also written a novella. Moreover, I dabble in painting. My curiosity is insatiable, I like to know anything there is about everything. I am currently working on completing my enormous bucket list. Now that I am in Corsica with the GoodBarber team, I can scratch off ‘’live on an island!’’


I look forward to helping you all achieve the ultimate GoodBarber experience!



Tina Michele

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Mobile Navigation Mode - Grid and Swipe

Written by Arianna Testi  on  Tuesday 18 August 2015

Hey GoodBarbers, today is design day here at GoodBarber so I will take this opportunity to showcase two of the most popular navigation mode templates and the new details we have just released for them.

Ladies and Gentlemen, today's stars are : The Grid and Swipe Navigation Mode!!

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Multi-Cultural Marketing: Be Open to the World!

Written by Muriel Santoni  on  Monday 17 August 2015

"The world is yours to explore"

This saying has never been more true than in the past few years, due to the rise of digitalization, increased power of social networks, the lessening of barriers between countries, and international communication being at almost everyone's disposition.

However, to do things really well, there are a few key points to take into consideration when addressing an international audience.

At GoodBarber, we've taken on the challenge of making ourselves available to different markets all over the world, all while remaining based on our wonderful, but tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean. 

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Communication leads to community. Start building your own into your App.

Written by Arianna Testi  on  Thursday 13 August 2015

The Community Add-On is the third big release of the User project we started last spring.

Don’t wait too long to activate it and start creating connections between your users!

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"Angolo del diabetico": how an app can help you!

blog_write_no_author  Tuesday 11 August 2015

3 million Italians are affected by diabetes. I would like to talk to you about an innovative and cutting edge app that has the goal of improving the lives of these people and helping them with daily management and prevention. I contacted the creator of this app to tell me more about this project...

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Increase Your Viralness: Study the Behavior of Facebook Users

Written by Muriel Santoni  on  Monday 10 August 2015

When setting up a social network strategy, the ultimate goal we are trying to reach is creating interaction with our audience. Appealing information that is widely spread by internet users is the meaning of buzz, and therefore synonymous with boosting visibility.

Every community manager is on the quest for more shares, so we often test many types of posts and measure the results in order to understand which has the most impact on our audience depending on the industry we're working in.

But let's be pragmatic, maybe first we should try to understand what is motivating us and all of our fellow viewers to share content on social networks—Facebook in particular. 

This is the question posed by Neil Patel , co-founder of several American startups, including Quickspourt

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A Calabrian boy around Europe

Written by Michele Pisani  on  Friday 7 August 2015

My name is Michele and I’m the new Italian Community Marketing manager here at GoodBarber.

Globetrotter by vocation, I was born in a small city situated very close to Trieste, where I lived until I was 6, before moving to Calabria with my family. I studied Communication and Journalism in Rome, a city that I love and hate at the same time, which is usually the case in most complicated love stories.

I also have a fantastic Erasmus experience in Salamanca  under my belt, and an equally intense period in Dublin with the Leonardo program. I have various experiences in the media field (newspapers, web agencies, the communication department of a political party, and radio—my greatest passion). I spent the past year and a half living in Milan where I worked in the marketing department of a small pharmaceutical company.

I speak Italian, English and Spanish and I’d love to learn French and Portuguese too.
I'm addicted to social media, love rock music, the 80s, sleeping on the beach, football and eggplant parmigiana.

And great challenges, of course!

That’s why now I’m here at GoodBarber! ;)

Ps: Follow me on Twitter @jpmontoya1

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The App Developer's Dictionary Volume I : General Terms

blog_write_no_author  Tuesday 4 August 2015

Even when using a simplified platform to develop an app, the number of terms and concepts you need to be aware of can be overwhelming. We've compiled a non-exhaustive guide to some of the most common lingo used in the mobile world, also including GoodBarber-specific terms. Part I of the dictionary includes some of the terms often mentioned in our blog articles, as well as in our responses to frequently asked questions. 

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How Do New GoodBarber Features Emerge?

Written by Jerome Granados  on  Monday 3 August 2015

Before GoodBarber was created, we were amongst the first few companies in the world to develop iPhone applications.

At the time, app builders did not exist. The app features we developed were determined by client requests—they told us their needs and we delivered a custom-made product. For example, we created the first version of the M6 Replay app, allowing shows from the famous French TV channel to be viewed on demand, or even the app for the European Space Agency, letting viewers watch the Ariane rocket take off. 

Things were going well, but we were dreaming of something bigger. We were dreaming about GoodBarber.  

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3 Tools to Better Manage your User Base

Written by Arianna Testi  on  Thursday 30 July 2015

It's already been several months since we released the User Authentication Add-On, and many of you didn't waste one minute to activate it.

Recently we have released another Add-On—let's say the daughter of User Authentication: the User Group, that as you well know enables you to divide your user base into groups and manage the access/restriction of the sections.

Now, to anticipate the upcoming release of the new member of this User Family, the Community Add-On, I'm here to show you 3 tools that will help you explore and better manage your Beautiful User Base.

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Apple Developer Account—Latest News

Written by Muriel Santoni  on  Wednesday 29 July 2015

Big news for those who have, or are planning to get an Apple Developer Account.

From now on, you won't have to manually renew your subscription each time it's up. Apple recently decided to implement an automatic renewal system for the Developer Program subscription, which means one less thing for you to worry about!

You may think this isn't such a big deal, but think again. Maybe it hasn't happened to you, but I've seen many a developer have their app unexpectedly removed from the App Store, just because they forgot to renew their contract. Luckily, this is no longer a risk—you don't have to worry anymore about losing users just because of a moment of forgetfulness.

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Content Strategy—Mistakes to Avoid

Written by Muriel Santoni  on  Monday 27 July 2015

If you have followed our advice up until now, you've surely created a blog for your business. But despite your efforts, maybe your results are still not where you'd like them to be? Time to take a look and figure out what's going on.

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GoodBarber Now Available in Brazilian!

Written by GoodBarber Team  on  Friday 24 July 2015

Hello GoodBarbers!

Today we have some good news for our Brazilian friends: the back office and apps are now available in Brazilian!

We already offered the option for you to set your back office and app in Portuguese. But as we are aware that there are significant differences between the two languages, we felt that it was essential to provide the choice of Brazilian as well, in order for you to make the most of our interface and your beautiful apps. Now it's done!

Stay tuned, GoodBarber's Brazilian adventure has only just begun!

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Music—A Considerable Marketing Asset

Written by Muriel Santoni  on  Monday 20 July 2015

"Music exists to speak the words we can't explain"

Music is a big part of our world—it's the universal language.
Today, music plays an integral role in the strategy of many big-name brands, just like design, visual identity, or even marketing as a whole. The times when consumers were open eyes and ears, receptive to any old advertisement have passed, and now it's necessary to raise awareness amongst them and make them feel close to you all through focusing on their main interests. Music is one of the best ways to effectively reach your target, regardless of what your final goals are. 

Here are a few things to take into account when building a music strategy:  

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Songkick, the new music element of Beautiful Mobile Apps

Written by Arianna Testi  on  Friday 17 July 2015

A live concert to me is exciting because of all the electricity that is generated in the crowd and on stage. It's my favorite part of the business, live concerts.

Elvis Presley

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Increase Your Number of App Downloads via the Great Landing Page

Written by Muriel Santoni  on  Thursday 16 July 2015

Landing pages are hot right now. Marketing professionals swear by them, so why not use them to promote your app?
While unfortunately they are all too often neglected by SME's, they should be given more credit as they can prove to be a wonderful commercial tool.

Landing pages have a unique and specific purpose: to make your users follow you on social networks, subscribe to your newsletter, download your app :)
That's all great, but what does it mean for you exactly?

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Back on the Island!

Written by Jiann Venturini  on  Wednesday 15 July 2015

Hi GoodBarbers,

My name is Jiann, and I am the new digital project manager in the GoodBarber team.
Originally from Corsica, I did my studies in France, but came back to the island to be a part of its exciting growth. I speak French and English, and I understand Corsican and German.

I have a Masters in Digital Marketing that I got at Sup de Pub in Paris (part of the Insec group). I have worked for communication agencies (Tribu,, as well as for enterprises and government organizations.
I have worked a lot in project management, but also in web design, ergonomics, and in front-end. 

Being passionate about all things related to digital, I saw joining GoodBarber as a great opportunity to put my skills to use in a dynamic and innovative company.
I am interested in all types of new technology, in the endless possibilities it brings, and in our rapidly evolving society.

Before becoming part of this team, I was a communications advisor for many SME's where I helped them to grow and improve their digital strategies.

Outside of work, I am a big fan of Bayern Munich and of AC Ajaccio. I am also passionate about magic, music, and I love to read (mainly Fantasy and SciFi). 

I am very happy to be here at GoodBarber, and I'm excited to see what we are going to accomplish together!

See you soon!

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Video Tutorial: Personalize the Submit Section

Written by Muriel Santoni  on  Tuesday 14 July 2015

Hi GoodBarbers,

Today we are answering a question that a lot of you ask us: how can the settings of the Submit section be modified?

By watching this tutorial, you will be able to delete a field, as well as personalize the default text in each section.

The Submit section represents an excellent way to increase user engagement and loyalty, so don't miss out on this opportunity to maximize its capabilities by adapting it specifically to your project!

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Getting PR for Your App

Written by GoodBarber Team  on  Monday 13 July 2015

We have talked a lot about ways to market your app (advertising, social media, etc.) but the world of Public Relations has not been mentioned much. While the two go hand in hand, they are not quite the same—the goal of marketing efforts is to make a sale (or download in your case) and the end goal of PR is to build reputation, which can later be reflected in sales figures. You should include both in your promotion strategy to gain maximum recognition and notoriety.

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Building Your Digital Strategy: 3 Questions to Ask

Written by Muriel Santoni  on  Tuesday 7 July 2015

More and more companies are beginning to implement digital strategies in order to organize their online presence. Today, all companies (even the small ones), can benefit from this type of strategy, but for those who have limited expertise and resources for carrying this out, here are 3 questions necessary to reflect upon in order to create the most pertinent and useful digital strategy for your business.

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