GB3 is Full of Surprises… Come Discover our New Wizard!

blog_write_no_author  Thursday 7 August 2014

As you certainly already know, we have just recently launched the new version of GoodBarber which is even more pleasant and intuitive to use.

Our main goal with GoodBarber 3 is to make our product even easier to use, because we know it’s not enough to offer the best tools on the market, we also have to enable you to use them to their best. We’ve used the experience gathered over time from our customer base to develop unique and original solutions that enable you to create Beautiful Apps with ease!

One the novelties we introduced is the Wizard; A tool to create the icon and splashscreen directly in your backend. This little genius will make your apps even more magical!

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The New GoodBarber Backend

Written by GoodBarber Team  on  Wednesday 6 August 2014

As those of you who've switched to GoodBarber 3 or even created your first app with it will have noticed, the new backend is radically different from the preceding version.

Native mobile applications are increasingly becoming a primary means of web access, and we wanted our backend to reflect that. In essence, GoodBarber is more than an app building tool; it's an app building and management tool.

So what exactly is new about the backend, and why? In this article, we'd like to address some of the major changes and the rationale behind them.

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How to Build a Community Around Your App

Written by Isabella Leland  on  Friday 1 August 2014

Be it a real or virtual, it's not easy to create a community! It takes time and a lot of dedication... When it comes to apps in particular, a strong sense of community among users is necessary, but also focusing on the right kind of features to make your app social. But before telling you how to achieve this goal, let's focus on the meaning of community, and why it's so important.

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Let's talk about technology in Arabic! Short geek English-Arabic glossary

Written by Safa Amari  on  Thursday 31 July 2014

In recent years, the internet has come a long way in the twenty-two Arabic-speaking countries.
Arabic is now spoken by over 422 million people, and over 140 million internet users use Arabic as their main language on the web.
They are increasingly using different applications, and regularly look for translations of various technical terms. However, their success is hampered by the fact that only 3% of content is available in Arabic.

I also noticed a growing demand for definitions of technical terms from users, which in most cases are inaccessible in Arabic. Because of this, I wanted to participate in filling this gap by translating GoodBarber into Arabic. I also compiled a glossary of technical terms in the field of mobile applications, translated from English to Arabic. By speaking directly to Arabic readers, we want to facilitate their access to content.

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Useful Tips to Start Developing on Android

blog_write_no_author  Wednesday 30 July 2014

According to Mobile Statistics, the number of Android devices sold reached the 156 million mark in the first quarter of 2013 alone, and there are now more than 1,3 million apps available on the Google Play Store. (source: Statista ).

Have you ever wondered how to make an app? The web is full of tutorials where people share their knowledge about different subjects. As we have a team of app developers working daily with programming, we decided to ask two Android experts a few questions about Android Development. We already talked about iOS before, but today it’s Android time! Say hello to our special guests: Sérgio and Guido !

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10 Ways to Get Good Reviews for Your App

blog_write_no_author  Friday 18 July 2014

For anyone who publishes an app, getting good ratings in the stores is important. Ratings play a big part in where the app appears in the rankings of the stores. Even if you’re not interested in rankings, you still don’t want your users to start out with a poor first impression of your app even before they’ve started using it.

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GoodBarber 3 is Online!

Written by GoodBarber Team  on  Tuesday 15 July 2014

Today, we're proud to present the third version of GoodBarber !

Ever since the beginning of the GoodBarber adventure, we've always had one main objective: offering anyone the possibility to create an application with incomparable design and an amazing user experience. With GoodBarber 3, we're staying true to these principles.

The experience we've gained with previous versions gives us the advantage of being able to continuously improve our product. Nevertheless, every major update of GoodBarber is an occasion for us to question everything we do. With GoodBarber 3, we've moved the goalposts once again by introducing a radically new approach for building an application.

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A Topic for GoodBarber Ninjas: How to Transfer Your iOS App From one Apple Developer Account to Another

Written by Deb F-P  on  Monday 7 July 2014

The other day, on the GoodBarber Support, one of our beloved Ninjas asked me what he needed to do in order to transfer his iOS app to another Apple Developer Account.
This is not a complicated thing to do, when you know how to do it.

This is why I decided to write this note for you guys!

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GoodBarber's Musical Chairs

Written by Arianna Testi  on  Friday 4 July 2014

In a company like GoodBarber, it isn't always easy to know what going on behind all of the brightly lit computer screens and big servers. Our interactions and exchanges with clients take place mainly through email or chats, which almost entirely hides the human element of our company, even though of course we have a heart at least as big as our servers...

Today I want to talk about something a bit different from the usual subjects of this blog - so for once I won't be speaking about technology or apps. I want to talk about our team and how we've managed to gain strength and cohesion thanks to a "game".

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No Beautiful Update This Week

Written by Dumè Siacci  on  Wednesday 2 July 2014

Don't be afraid GoodBarbers... we didn't forget to publish the changelog of our beautiful app engine!
We haven't gone on holiday and the hot weather didn't bring us down!
We are working very hard on a huge surprise, our biggest update ever, that will soon be ready for you!
Be patient, you won't regret it! ;)

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How I'll Buy my Next Car, or Why I Love CarPlay

Written by Dumè Siacci  on  Thursday 26 June 2014

A few months ago, Apple unveiled its strategy for conquering the in-car entertainment market. Even if we don't yet know very much about CarPlay , it's still interesting to think a bit about the perspectives it will offer, both from the point of view of the final user as well content creators. 

Speaking with Jérôme and Arianna , I realized that this could radically change the way I think about cars.

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Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #2491

Written by Sergio Miranda Carvalho  on  Tuesday 24 June 2014

- Improvement in the way the app manage the iframes (Custom sections)
- Display fixed: Icon in notifications is not cropped anymore
- Bug fixed: Overlay color in grid navigation
- Bug fixed: Keyboard behavior in Custom Sections: scroll is allowed to see what we are writing
- Bug fixed: Some issues when sharing content with mail.

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The shift of habits can hide new opportunities?

blog_write_no_author  Thursday 19 June 2014

I grew up in a relatively big family. And I remember I had this period of my life, being a child, where I competed with everyone else at home in the marathon to pick up the phone that was ringing. It was a real thrill for me, having this feeling that someone on the other side of the line was going to speak with me, even if most probably I was not the person they wanted to talk with.

On those days people communicated and related mostly within the reality of a local reach. The fix telephone had its own moment of glory in my life, so much, that it printed in me this feeling that turned into this happy memory that I share with you. This makes something very clear, all of us were made to relate, to communicate.

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Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #2413

Written by Sergio Miranda Carvalho  on  Tuesday 17 June 2014

Here is the changelog for this Tuesday update.

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The Golden Rules for a Food and Recipes App

blog_write_no_author  Friday 13 June 2014

Who, if not me, the GoodBarber with the chef hat, could have written this article?! I remember standing in the kitchen about four years ago, surrounded by pots and pans, with my little booklet with recipes handed down for generations in my family, and also with those gathered at parties, dinners and birthdays. Who could have imagined that this little booklet could have been the prelude to a mass phenomenon, called Food Blogging. Once I became a vegetarian, though, my collection gave me little satisfaction, since it was full of recipes with meat sauce, ham and steak. Following the traditions of my mediterranean origins I started to eat only salads, until, out of desperation, I began searching for inspiration on the web.
During the last 4 years, things have changed a lot. Once upon a time, the web was something exclusive and the recipes you could find were mainly high cuisine, and too difficult and complicated for everyday cooking. No longer! The web, but also mobile apps, have something to offer for everyone. Finding recipes from countries on the other side of the world, or easy and original ideas for making the most out of what you have in the fridge, has never been faster and easier. 
Starting a food blog now is very different now than it was 3 or 4 years ago. The competition is fierce and it’s no longer enough to segment your audience by choosing a small niche. If you already have a blog, my advice is to complete your offer by creating an app, complementary to your website. This will allow you to increase your audience and traffic, and become more competitive in the eyes of potential sponsors and investors. If this is an adventure you’re just starting, perhaps the smartest choice might be to go straight to mobile, avoiding the never-ending war between the giants of the virtual kitchen. Let’s find out why!

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The Right (and Wrong) Way to Use Push Notifications

Written by Erik Rossen  on  Wednesday 11 June 2014

It's important to understand what's unique about push notifications in order to be able to truly leverage them. If you think they’re just text, think twice. Misunderstanding the specificities of push notifications can not only make you miss out on their potential, in some cases it may even be damaging.

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Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #2409

Written by Mathieu Fancello  on  Tuesday 10 June 2014

Here is the changelog for this Tuesday update.

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It's time to work hard, play hard!!

Written by Erik Rossen  on  Friday 6 June 2014

My name is Erik Rossen and I've just joined GoodBarbers marketing team to work on the English-speaking world.
I'm German-American and I speak English, German and also French since I've been living in France for over three years now.

I'll soon be finishing my master’s degree, but for the time being I'm looking forward to this real-world break from university... I was motivated to choose this job because I'm confident I'll gain invaluable experience in a fast-paced industry and I wanted to challenge myself in a young, growing business. I believe that that the digital economy will only continue to grow in the future and it was something I wanted to see from the inside, too.

In my free time I enjoy sports and the outdoors, and while "work hard, play hard" may be good advice in general, I don't think playing hard should mean being stressed after work... and so I won't deny that for me a part of the attraction of coming here was to have a welcome break after the sardine-tin subway commutes and grey skies of the city...

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Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #2369

Written by Sergio Miranda Carvalho  on  Tuesday 3 June 2014

Here is the changelog for this Tuesday update.

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Crowdsourcing: How to tap into the knowledge of your users

blog_write_no_author  Monday 2 June 2014

As we know, crowdsourcing is an increasingly used problem-solving method because it is one of the most reliable, fast and cheapest ways to get a job done.
Instead of spending massive amounts of money on R&D, many companies are now using online communities to solve tricky issues, discover fresh ideas, eliminate the need of market studies to find out what their customers want and increase customer loyalty.

In this article I’ll explain how this is possible.

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Native Advertising in Your App

Written by Jerome Granados  on  Thursday 29 May 2014

Have you ever considered inserting native ads in your app? Native ads are an open secret when it comes to monetizing content. So much so that brands are shying away from traditional advertising. Why? Because this marketers' favorite tool makes for more efficient ad placement, with messages tailored to the target audience.

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Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #2352

Written by Mathieu Fancello  on  Tuesday 27 May 2014

Here is the changelog for this Tuesday update.

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The routine of a Country Manager

blog_write_no_author  Friday 23 May 2014

The problem with routines is that in the end, you tend to be absorbed by them and you end up going through your days without knowing what you are doing.
When I started working here at GoodBarber, my whole routine had been turned upside down, my schedule and daily tasks had changed and so I had to find another way to live my life that would fit better in my new reality.

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7 tips to market your mobile app

Written by Jerome Granados  on  Tuesday 20 May 2014

You spend a lot of time and energy to create your app. But what do you do to promote your mobile application? In this article, we'll review 7 actions you can take to market your app on the App Store and Google Play.

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