3 Reasons why the Future of Ecommerce is a Blog Post

Written by Stefano Mongardi  on  Friday 7 November 2014

Stefano Mongardi, an expert of Online Marketing who is also passionate about tech and innovation, tells us everything you need to know to implement a successful e-commerce business and stand out from the competition.

Nowdays we're all quite practical with online purchases. We simply land on a website, scroll through the products, decide the best one for us and order it. Seems easy huh? So now you think: "Wow! ecommerce is exploding, let's open an online store and start selling our products worldwide! It's a piece of cake!". Well, actually it's not.

Today the competition is fierce and if you want to bring an added value you either have to work really hard or spend a LOT of money to let people know about your great new ecommerce business. You may even have the coolest products in the world, but just being online doesn't mean you will right away get tons of visits and conversions without doing anything. 

Most of the times when an ecommerce platform is created, people invest most of their time and budget setting up a PPC campaign on Google, Facebook and maybe even Twitter. The result is: you spend a lot of money and get a lot of vistas but most people won't come back to your website again. Why? Because you offer products and not added value. Don’t forget that your competitors offer the same or similar products. Unless you are the only person in the world selling that specific product, you have to give people some added value to convince them to buy from you and not someone else.

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8 Lessons on Engagement that We can Learn from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Written by katrina bertacci  on  Monday 3 November 2014

You’ve most certainly heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise funds for the ALS that went viral this summer. You might have even participated!

This brilliant initiative turned out to be a huge success and brought more than 100 million dollars to the ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) association. The concept of taking up a challenge and then nominating your friends has been quite trendy on the socials since a while, but the Ice Bucket Challenge went to whole new level, involving thousands and thousands of people around the globe and becoming the hottest social network topic of the summer of 2014.

Everything started when Pete Frates, a former baseball player who was diagnosed with ALS two years ago, challenged a friend to donate $100 to the ALS association or film himself dumping ice cold water over his head. The idea was so simple and fun that it caught on like a wildfire. As this action spread, it changed somewhat because even though people were more than willing to donate, they didn’t want to miss out on the experience of pouring a bucket of ice on themselves, so they began to do both. Totally understandable!... ;)

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Create an App for Your E-commerce Business

Written by Arianna Testi  on  Friday 31 October 2014

Why are brands creating apps? Because a mobile app brings together all the essential components of your brand: useful information, advertising, social networks, products, special offers, loyalty solutions... If well structured, it is the perfect container for your content marketing strategy.

With an app, clients can find all the information they need to buy a product, all in one place. Simple and direct. And now, with our E-commerce section, you can easily connect existing Amazon, Shopify and Etsy boutiques.

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Timeline Video: GoodBarber at the Web Summit

Written by GoodBarber Team  on  Wednesday 29 October 2014

Even October is coming to an end... This year has gone by in a blink of the eye! 

Maybe it's because when you are busy and you love what you are doing time flies by faster... This year has been full of emotions for us; the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the top 5, GoodBarber 3, and there is still so much more to come in these next two months... Trust me, we will surprise you!

I don't want to give anything away but..... ;)

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What's New Today? Give your "About" Section a Brand New Design!!

Written by katrina bertacci  on  Friday 24 October 2014

Luckily it's Friday again :)

We are adding more and more new features to GoodBarber and we like to present them to you on Friday so you can start get off to a good start in the weekend.

I've noticed very happily, that most of you don't wait for Monday to try out these new sections and features :)

When I introduced the Contact Us section, I had anticipated that we were working on a new design for the About section, where you can put information about yourself, your team or company.
Maybe some of you have noticed that this section already exists since about a week in your backends. So lets not wait any longer to explore it in detail!

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How to Sell Your App for a Fee

blog_write_no_author  Tuesday 21 October 2014

There are a few ways to directly earn money with apps: by creating and selling apps for clients, by monetizing through advertising, and by directly selling the app in the stores. In this article, we'll be covering two main questions for publishers who want to sell their app in the stores:

1/ What type of apps are users willing to pay for?
2/ What you need to do if you choose to charge a price for your app.

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Add a Rating Pop-Up to Your Beautiful App

Written by katrina bertacci  on  Friday 17 October 2014

"Even the most intellectual mind has something to learn"- George Santayana

Hello Goodbarbers,

Big things are happening in GoodBarber these days.
Our fingers are flying on our keyboards to write new codes and develop new features!

Right after launching GoodBarber 3 , our completely new and restyled platform, we took some time to listen to all your requests and we created a road map to plan the development of all the new features you asked for,  so we could implement them as soon as possible.
Last week we introduced you to our new Contact Us section. Today we're proud to present the new integrated pop-up that you can activate to encourage your users to rate the app.

Just as George Santayana said, we all have something to learn!

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Come Discover our New Contact Us Section!

Written by katrina bertacci  on  Monday 13 October 2014

For those of you who have migrated from GoodBarber 2 to the new version, GoodBarber 3, you may have noticed that the Custom section wit the 4 templates (Contact Us, About, URL and HTML) does not exist anymore.

In it's place we created the HTML section that allows you to choose between and HTML and URL template. But what about the About and Contact Us template?

Many of you have been asking where to find these sections, don't worry, we haven't forgot them, we just decided to rebuild them completely to make even easier to use, now the configuration of the settings is very similar to that of the CMS sections :)

Today we present the new Contact us section, it has just been published and it's ready for you to use it in your apps!

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Digital Press. A World in High Resolution.

Written by Arianna Testi  on  Monday 29 September 2014

The press industry is based on communication. It's the content that gives articles or books their value, the paper is just the traditional means we use to spread this content.
The invention of the telegraph swept the distance barriers between people away, making communication much easier. This has brought nations closer and offered a great opportunity for publishers to spread their news to a much wider audience.

Nowadays it's all about digital communication, new original media and news flashs. This is the reality of today!

But let's take a step back to when the first major news publications were created.

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The Beginning of a New Adventure

Written by Lola Marchand  on  Friday 26 September 2014

Hello GoodBarbers,

My name is Lola and I've just joined the marketing team. I'm originally from Brussels, and I've just arrived in Ajaccio.

After a high school diploma in photography, I finished my degree in communications. A desire to work with new technologies, to gain new experiences and work within a growing organization all brought me to CampusPlex.

After leaving the office, I like to eat iced cream, read a good book facing the sea, listening to music or having a good time with my friends. I'm so excited about discovering Corsica: the people, the landscapes, the Mediterranean Sea, cheeses and sausages...

A new adventure has begun for me with the GoodBarber team... and the first week has been great!

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The iPad: A Story of Technology Catching up With an Idea

blog_write_no_author  Monday 22 September 2014

In the aftermath of brilliant discoveries and inventions, the long and often difficult process leading up to them is often forgotten. We imagine them as the fruit of sudden, brilliant realizations, much like the figurative lightbulb that appears above the cartoon character's head. Of course, the truth is usually far messier, and innovation is above all the result of iterative, incremental improvement. It is as much an editorial process as it is a creative one. 

What makes the iPad such an interesting product, maybe even more so than it's capabilities as a device, is it's history. The iPad is an almost perfect illustration of technological possibility finally catching up with a vision, the importance of tinkering, constantly adapting and improving an idea, and above all of perseverance.

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An All-New Design for Your Events; Cleaner and More Elegant!

Written by katrina bertacci  on  Friday 19 September 2014

Today I want to show you all another great update that came with GoodBarber 3!

Are you organizing the event of the year? An important art exhibit, a concert or an opening ceremony for your business? If so then keep reading because this is the right article for you!

An event of any kind gives you the great opportunity to have direct and personal contact with your audience. To ensure that your event will be a success you have to plan it very accurately down to the last detail, from the promotional aspects all the way to the logistical ones.

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What Apps Have to do With the Music Industry

Written by Andressa Izumi  on  Monday 15 September 2014

If you remember the early 90’s, you should remember when Sony decided to revolutionize the way we listen to music and launched the famous yellow sports WALKMAN :)
These were the times when you could record a mixtape to give to your girlfriend and when having the freedom of listening to music while walking on the street was a huge thing!

From then on, we evolved first to CDs and then to downloads, and the latter grew very quickly thanks to the democratization of the internet. By now, according to a report of the IFPI (International Federation of Phonographic Industry), the number of paying subscribers to music subscription services - which includes services such as Spotify and Deezer - increased from 8 to 28 million.

As the chief content officer of Spotify, Ken Parks, said: “Unlike the distribution of a physical product we can reach every person on the planet, at least every person with a smartphone.” (IFPI Digital Music Report 2014 )

In light of this, we decided to talk about how you can create a good music app. We will address the subject considering two different types of apps: radio apps and band/musicians apps.
Let’s start!

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The Sandbox App: Test Your iOS App Before Building

blog_write_no_author  Friday 12 September 2014

We recently spoke about how to avoid rejection of your app by Apple, and emphasized the importance of proper testing. We believe you shouldn't just be able to test a proxy version that closely resembles your app, but that any GoodBarber user should have the possibility to see exactly what their app will look and feel like, so they can submit it to the stores with peace of mind. 

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7 Tips to Follow to Prevent Apple Rejecting Your App

Written by Arianna Testi  on  Monday 8 September 2014

It's now extremely easy to build an app! Since there are now many app builders, online tutorials and lessons to learn how to program, more and more people decide to launch themselves into the adventure of app building, in hopes that their project will become popular and repay them with monetary profits.

While Google has very few requirements you must meet to publish on the Google Play Store, because it reviews your app after it has been published, Apple has a very strict, zero tolerance policy.
The goal of this policy is to protect the end users by not allowing bad quality apps that can be full of bugs or that are not user friendly into the store. But is this goal achieved efficiently?

My job brings me to work with a great variety of apps, with different content, design and user experience. I have sent many apps to Apple to be reviewed and I honestly have to say that I still do not understand the logic behind their decisions.
After all... Whoever has never downloaded a completely useless or horrible app the App Store raise your hand!

What I do see is that many app are rejected because the name of an external platform comes up in a video or article etc... Or they say the content targets an audience that is too small.

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Everyone Adores Apps! But do They Adore Yours?

blog_write_no_author  Friday 5 September 2014

"Smartphones have become indispensable in our daily life. Their penetration has grown up to 41% of the population and who possesses a smartphone relies on it more and more for an increasingly numerous amount of tasks. 63% of this population accesses the internet from their phones daily and most won't leave their houses without them." (Source: Our Mobile Planet Smartphone Research )

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GoodBarber says "Marhaba"! مرحبا بكل القراء العرب

Written by Safa Amari  on  Monday 1 September 2014

Hello Everyone,

My name is Safa Amari and I am from Tunisia.
I speak three languages: Arabic (my native language), French and English.
I like music, traveling, sports, reading, cooking….

I am very interested in information technology, marketing, management and human resources.
I hold a Master's degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Information and Internet Systems from the University of Corsica.
At the moment I am studying at the IAE (business school) of Corsica to obtain a master's in Management, with a specialization in International Business in the southern Mediterranean. So, when I found out that GoodBarber was looking for someone to work on the Arab market, I applied immediately for this job as it really interests me, and here I am! 

I will be working with the GoodBarber team as an intern for 6 months, in order to help Arabic customers create their Beautiful Apps - and of course I'll do my very best to serve the Arabic market!

See you,

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From Puerto Varas to New York

blog_write_no_author  Friday 29 August 2014

Hello GoodBarbers,

Today we have some good news!

One of our friends wants to make his dream come true, and we want to help him!
Camilo Lüttecke is student and aspiring entrepreneur by day and voluntary firefighter and blogger by night.
He grew up in Puerto Varas, the south of Chile. Three years ago he came to Santiago de Chile, the capital, to study Engineering Business. Now he has just been admitted to an entrepreneurship program in New York City at Baruch College!!  But he needs some funds to be able to go, so he has created this campaign to ask for help.

From GoodBarber we invite you to help Camilo if you can ;)

If you want know more, click here . Or discover more in Facebook .


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Updating Your GoodBarber App

blog_write_no_author  Monday 25 August 2014

Oh no... you just submitted your app to the stores, and now you remember that you forgot to use the new CMS sound section after all! And going through all that trouble of submitting the app again?

You can breathe easy, since you don't need to! Only a handful of modifications require you to re-build your app and submit the update to the stores - and even something big like adding a content section isn't one of them!

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Ice bucket challenge by the GB Crew

blog_write_no_author  Friday 22 August 2014

Hi GoodBarbers, 
Our nomination for the #Icebucketchallenge is for all of you!
We had a lot of fun organizing and shooting the video and cleaning everything after this cold shower :)
But behind all this fun, there is an important cause: the ALS foundation has launched this viral challenge to collect money for research against ALS .
It would be great if you would make a video like us, but the most important thing is to make the donation, no matter how much you want or you can donate, it will definitely be a step closer! ;)
We wish you a very nice weekend!
Bye bye

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GB3 - Empowering Apps With The New CMS

blog_write_no_author  Friday 22 August 2014

At GoodBarber we’ve been creating apps since 2009. And with all of our experience from thousands of clients, we realized that a great number of people chose our service because they were able to create, as well as manage, their own content using a simple interface, in order to bring their beautiful app to life! 

With this in mind we decided that we should expand and improve our built-in CMS for GoodBarber 3.

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7 major mistakes to avoid when creating a branded app

blog_write_no_author  Monday 18 August 2014

Many companies today have chosen to be present on mobile by creating an app to support their business. An app is an extremely powerful tool because it’s extremely versatile, businesses can communicate in a much more personal way. Also, people access the internet always more from mobile devices and less from pcs.

Why? Because it’s more practical, we carry our smartphones around with us all day and now there is a good connection practically anywhere, also apps are easier to use. On a phone you don’t have any desktop clutter, you just have to enter a specific app to get the information you need, in a few seconds you can check the weather, find the best restaurant in town, buy those pants you saw in a shop at a cheaper price.

But it’s not all as simple as it sounds, many companies have missed the mark when trying to take advantage of the great opportunity an app represents. You mustn't forget there there are some specific rules to follow when going mobile, this channel is very different from the web so you cannot just transplant your web strategy, you have to plan a specific strategy for the mobile segment.

Here are series of common mistakes that to avoid if you want your branded app to be a success and bring your business that extra value!

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Happy 15th of August GoodBarbers ;)

Written by Arianna Testi  on  Friday 15 August 2014

In Italy and France the 15th of August is a national holiday! Having grown up in a city near the coast of Romagna, the 15th of August has always been Ferragosto , the day in which we celebrate the summer. Campfires by the beach, singing songs in the moonlight, friends, fireworks and of course, we could never miss a midnight dip in the warm summer water. Sleeping on the beach with our alarms set to 6 in the morning, just in time to go get a freshly baked bombolone (a typical italian donut filled with cream or chocolate) as soon as the Vela Bianca in Punta Marina opened.

Now that I live in the beautiful island of Corsica I don't intend to interrupt this tradition by any means, I'll just have to give up the bombolone in the morning in exchange of a warm croissant, a sacrifice I am more than willing to make! 

And you GoodBarbers?! Do you have any similar national summer holidays?? What are your traditions?

We'd love to hear your fantastic stories, in the meantime, we wish you all a happy Ferragosto and a fun weekend!!

See you on Monday ;)

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Bien Pensado - The Latest Marketing Resources: Anytime, Anywhere

blog_write_no_author  Friday 8 August 2014

Today we spoke to David Gomez, Director of Bien Pensado , a Colombian company that provides information and marketing resources for SMEs. Author of El día que David venció a Goliat  (The day David defeated Goliath) and Facebook Toolbox.

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