The very best of 2023


December 31st is approaching, and, as usual, it's time for a little recap of 2023's highlights. This year, as well as adding new features, we've expanded the templates catalog so that your apps will always be the most beautiful on the App Store and Google Play Store!

Let's take a closer look at what the team has concocted for you over the past 12 months.

App Walkthrough

It's a feature that was adopted very quickly by all GoodBarber users as soon as it went online. And for good reason! The App Walkthrough is an essential tool for successfully discovering your app. Thanks to it, you can create a memorable experience from the very first contact, guaranteeing your users' loyalty over the long term.

Loyalty program for eCommerce apps

Now, you can increase your sales while rewarding your customers. The loyalty program we've designed for eCommerce apps does just that. It's indispensable and highly effective. For every purchase made in your app, your customer accumulates points. Accumulation is automatic, and once the points threshold you've set is reached, your customer receives a discount coupon.

Inventory management

Users of eCommerce apps have been more than delighted with the launch of the Inventory Manager for their store. From a single page, they can view their entire catalog and manage the stock of each product and variant. This page takes the form of a table. It displays the product name and associated photo, price, SKU, and stock. Directly from this table, you can edit each product's stock and choose whether to display out-of-stock products in your app's catalog.

Beautiful Design

If you're a GoodBarber customer, there is no doubt that we share a common passion for quality designs and impeccable user experiences. Once again, this year, we've added many new features that only GoodBarber apps can deliver to ensure that your apps continue to provide modern designs and unforgettable interactions with your users.

For content display in lists, we've added new templates for articles , events , maps , and podcasts . In addition to a more modern design, we've added the ability to perform actions directly on items without leaving the list.

Map Section: Splitview, ToolBarUp & a fresh new template

For map display, the new split view template enables your user to switch from a list view to a map view more intuitively. A brand-new widget template for your Places section, the Visual template , has also been introduced. Particularly well-suited for displaying multiple images for a place, this new template features an integrated slideshow. In the detail view, the ToolBar Up Classic template, the action buttons are at the top of the page and, via a subtle animation, move downwards as you scroll through the content.

Transition effects

New transition effects between list and detail can be activated. They're typical of native apps, and your users love them.

Floating TabBar

Many of you have been looking forward to it. The floating TabBar offers a new possibility for main app navigation. Its position is fixed at the bottom of the screen so that it always remains within reach of the user's thumb.

Labels, Tags & Filters

When you have a lot of content in a section, organizing it into categories is best. In addition to the existing possibilities, you now have 3 new ways of presenting categories: label , tag , or filter .

Podcast: ToolBar Slide Cover

This new template for presenting audio content is as customizable as you like. ToolBar Slide Cover lets you show your podcast in the same way as popular music apps such as Spotify or Apple Podcast.

8600 Material Icons and Custom fonts

You can customize specific icons directly from your app's editing panel - everything is done from a single panel. When you select the icons you want to change, you'll have a choice of 3 sets: Material icons, generic set 1, and generic set 2. The icon will be automatically modified on all pages of your app.

To give your app an even more modern look, we've added over 8,000 new material icons .

The same goes for fonts: you can now upload and use your own fonts !

Magic palette

It's often a headache to find the right color combination. Thanks to the Magic Palette , you no longer have to worry about that because AI will devise harmonious suggestions. You can use the Magic Palette endlessly to find the color theme that best suits your app.

RSS feed

RSS feeds were viral in the 2000s and are still just as handy for making your content interoperable with other platforms. You can now efficiently distribute your content beyond your application via RSS feeds. We've added several RSS extensions according to the type of content you produce: Articles , Videos , Events , Maps , and Podcasts .

Click & Collect based on cart value

The Click & Collect extension has been enhanced with a practical new feature. You can now define a minimum and maximum order value . If your customer's order total falls within the specified range, they will be offered the "click & collect" delivery method.

My GoodBarber Shop Companion for iPad

Our My GoodBarber Shop Companion application was previously only available on smartphones, but now you can enjoy an optimized iPad experience!

Rounded for e-Commerce as well

This was a significant omission in the back office of eCommerce apps. You can now apply rounded edges to widgets and sections in the Element Style menu . You can also use margins, which vary only in column width, creating a frame around your content elements for a uniform appearance.

Memberships and Push Notifications

You can now target your users more precisely with push notifications associated with memberships . Whether your users are subscribed or not or their subscription has expired, you can now personalize your notifications according to each user's subscription status to increase engagement.

One Time offer

The One-Time license saves you money over the long term. It's a 10-year subscription you pay for in a single payment at a competitive price. With this formula, you reduce your costs and benefit from the best technology for 10 years, saving up to 20,000 euros. The price is locked in, regardless of inflation. By choosing this plan, you're investing in a robust, long-lasting, no-code solution that gives you the security and stability you need to create high-quality mobile apps!

Moving to a new datacenter

After 20 years as a customer of OVH, our technical architecture was moved to a brand-new data center . The challenge was to migrate our entire architecture with minimum impact on the uptime of your sites, apps, emails, etc. GoodBarber/WMaker. Our entire engineering team was 100% mobilized for this migration operation, and we can say that we successfully completed the project at the end of the year. Changing the data center is no mean feat, and instead of seeing it as a constraint, we saw it as an opportunity, as it enabled us to rebuild everything from scratch and rethink the architecture. We're now starting from a solid foundation, allowing you to use your GoodBarber apps with the best technology.
We hope you've enjoyed our improvements to GoodBarber in 2023. Many of the new features have come about as a result of the suggestions you regularly submit to Canny , such as the App Walkthrough, with which you can create a memorable first experience for your users. The loyalty program has also been one of your most requested features, along with other features for eCommerce apps, such as inventory management, new options for Click & Collect, and many more.

We've also made a significant design update, adding new Materials icons and numerous new templates for the maps, podcasts, events, and articles sections. Design excellence is a substantial value at GoodBarber. Our standards in this area are very high because we want your apps to remain updated. We've also considered your purchasing power in light of this year's inflation, and we've introduced a one-time offer that allows you to enjoy your favorite platform for 10 years without recurring payments.

You've taken advantage of all GoodBarber's improvements without knowing we've changed the data center. This was a real challenge for our teams because migrating our entire architecture to another host with minimum impact on uptime is not easy. But we succeeded, and we're now starting out on a solid foundation to continue offering you the very best technology.

In 2024, we'll continue to push GoodBarber forward with even more advanced customization elements, thanks in part to incredible advances in AI and other exclusive features. To keep updated on these developments throughout the year, check out the blog  and our dedicated page, "What's new at GoodBarber? "